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April 2022 / September 2022

Cities to visit: Berlin; Dresden; Bamberg; Nuremberg; Landshut, Bavaria; Dachau, Bavaria; Munich; Fussen; Rothenburg; Frankfurt; Rhine Cruise; Cologne; Dusseldorf; Hamelin; Hannover; Hamburg; Flensburg; Aarhus; Kristiansand; Stavanger; Bergen; Oslo; Ferry Oslo Copenhague; Copenhagen

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This tour is a flexible, guaranteed escorted coach tour, guided in English only.

Once the tour is booked, it is guaranteed so it will definitely go ahead, and will never cancel.

The tour is flexible so you can tailor it to suit your needs. By clicking ‘Quote or Book’, you will have an option to choose your start and end date and destinations within the tour parameters. As these tours allow for such flexibility, the same people, tour guides or drivers may not be on your entire journey.

On arrival, transfer from the airport to the hotel. Free time.
You will receive information about the start of the circuit during the afternoon, or you can check the informative panels in the hotel reception area.
Berlín - Sobre las 8.00 hrs (confirme los horarios en los carteles en recepción de su hotel) iniciamos visita panorámica con guía local (en ocasiones se puede efectuar el día anterior). Duración aproximada dos horas y media. Tenemos ocasión de ver desde el autocar la isla de los museos, la torre de la televisión, las arterias comerciales del centro, la antigua catedral destruida en la guerra mundial; la puerta de Brandenburgo; el Reichstag; los grandes parques de la ciudad. Durante la visita realizaremos algunas breves paradas para obtener fotografías. La visita finaliza en el centro de Berlin junto al Zoo.
Tarde libre. Si lo desea opcionalmente podrá conocer Postdam con los jardines y palacio de Sanssouci y palacio Cecilienhof.
Distancia total realizada: 540 Km. Paisajes: Bosques, colinas, pequeños pueblos en ruta.
07:30 hrs. Berlin -salida.
10:00 hrs. - Dresde –Llegada-. Esta ciudad es la perla del río Elba, antigua residencia de los reyes de Sajonia. El inmenso Palacio junto al río Elba nos recuerda el glorioso pasado histórico de la ciudad. Tiempo para pasear.
12:00 hrs. - Dresde –salida-. Viajamos hacia el sur de Alemania. Parada en área de servicio para almorzar.
16:15 hrs. - Bamberg –Llegada-. Hermosísima ciudad llena de vida; no deje de pasear por “la pequeña Venecia”. Sus pintorescos canales, su patrimonio monumental hacen de esta ciudad una de las más hermosas de Alemania. Tiempo para pasear.
17:30 hrs. - Bamberg –salida.
18:30 hrs. - Nuremberg -Llegada. La segunda ciudad de Baviera con su castillo, sus murallas, su antigua universidad, así como los recuerdos de la Segunda Guerra Mundial y de la época nazi. Esta ciudad fue totalmente destruida en la Segunda Guerra pero ha resurgido de sus cenizas. Tiempo para pasear por su activo centro. Alojamiento.
Total distance done: 520 km.
Countryside: Hills and plains of Denmark. Rich agricultural regions.
NB: We go into Denmark, a country where you will need Danish Krone.
Transfer to the centre and time to stroll in the active city of Hannover.
08.30 hrs-. - Hannover –departure-. We travel to the north of Germany.
10.45hrs. - Hamburg – Arrival in this city which stands between the lake and the busy port on the river Elba (full of restaurants); our guide will take us around the port and give us guidance on the city. Hamburg is one of Germany’s most active and representative cities. Time to stroll and for lunch.
13:30 hrs-. - Hamburg -departure. We go to Denmark.
15:45 hrs. - Flensburg - A picturesque little city by the sea, with its pretty sports marina. Time for a stroll.
16.45 hrs. - Flensburg –departure-. Entry in Denmark.
19.00 hrs. - Aarhus - Denmark’s second-largest city, where we advise you to take a stroll in its busy pedestrian centre.
Total distance: 420 km.
Scenery: Attractive woodlands and mountains in Norway; first view of fjords.
Notes: The times of the ferries between Denmark and Norway often vary and so the times during this part of the circuit will depend on those changes. We recommend you wear warm clothing for the boat crossing. In Norway, the currency is the Norwegian Krone. We suggest your change your currency on the ferry.
08:00 h - Aarhus –Departure-. We set out for the northern part of Denmark, amidst attractive scenery.
10:30 h - Hirsthals. We take a tour of this city and port before embarking on the modern ferry to cross the North Sea to Norway-. Normally our boat sails at 12.15 h. The crossing takes about three hours. We advise you to change your currency on the boat and have lunch.
15:30 h. - Kristiansand – We land and then continue our journey-.
17:00 h. - Flekkefjord – A town on a fjord, with wooden houses and tiny restaurants. Time to explore.
17:45 h. - Flekkfjord –Departure-. The scenery is even more attractive.
19:45 h. - Stavanger –Arrival-. Free time to explore this beautiful lively city next to the sea.
Total distance: 170 km.
Scenery: Beautiful fjord and sea landscapes. Many bridges that will make you feel you are travelling between the “sea and the land”. Deep tunnels. Two sections travelling by boat.
Notes: Wear warm clothing during the boat crossings. There may sometimes be queues to board the boats, and we may arrive at Bergen later than planned.

07:30 h. - Stavanger –On leaving the city, we will stop at the " Swords in Rock" monument, where we will remember the Vikings before continuing on along the coast and soon come to Mortavika where we take a boat and cross Skunden fjord , which takes just over half an hour
Arrival at Aarsvagen where we continue to travel through amazing scenery dominated by the sea. We then pass through the deepest tunnel in the world, below the sea.
At approximately 11.30 h. we arrive at Sandvikvag where we make a boat crossing lasting 45 minutes surrounded by spectacular fjords.
13:30 h. Bergen – Arrival-. We ascend on the funicular railway to Mount Flouyen (price of trip included) where there are fantastic views of the city and its fjords. Then visitors have a free afternoon in Bergen, to enjoy its lively atmosphere.
Total distance: 510 km.
Scenery: Spectacular scenery. Impressive views of mountains and fjords and landscapes permanently covered in snow.
Note: H ave warm clothes at hand to enjoy the snow and the short stretch by ferry between the fjords. The schedules of the cruise can be modified; according to that the schedule of the rest of the day may also undergo changes.
07.45hr . - Bergen –Departure-. We set out amidst beautiful scenery and enter the fjords region.
09.45hrs- Waterfall of Tvindefoss. Short stop to admire this beautiful waterfall 100m of height also call Trollafossen or waterfall of the Trolls. Its waters have the reputation not only of rejuvenating but also of increasing the sexual potency.
10.15hrs- Departure to Sogner Fjord , the largest Norwegian fjord and often considered the most beautiful one. We continue our journey through impressive landscapes and come to Gudvangen.
10:30 h. – Gudvangen . We visit this tiny city and then take a boat cruise on the fiord (departure scheduled for 12.00 h.). The cruise lasts for just over 2 hours and takes us near impressive cliffs. We recommend having lunch on board.
At about 14.10 h . we land in Flam, and then continue our journey surrounded by woods, lakes, isolated mountains with peaks covered in snow all the year round and glaciers.
After passing through the 24.5km Aurland tunnel , considered one of the longest in the world and using innovative techniques to rest the eyes and avoid the monotony of the drivers, we will arrive to the Borgund wood church , possibly the best preserved Norwegian temple of the 13th century, where we will make a brief stop to admire and take a photo.

19:30 h. - Oslo –Arrival-. Free time in this pleasant Norwegian city next to the fjord that ears its name and surrounded by mountains. We can visit its port, streets and the works of art of the Frognerparken.
Free day. You can enjoy the charm of this city. Free time to explore and discover memorable places.
Nota : Noche con travesía a bordo. Sugerimos lleve un pequeño equipaje de mano para no necesitar bajar las maletas mayores de la bodega del autocar.

OSLO –Mañana libre-. Su puerto, las calles centrales, las obras de arte del Frognerparken, el museo de las naves vikingas.
A las 14.30 hrs daremos traslado al puerto. Embarcamos en muy moderno Ferry con todas las comodidades de un crucero (tiendas, sala de fiesta, restaurantes, cubiertas para disfrutar del paisaje…). Nuestro ferry tiene la salida prevista a las 16.30 hrs. Sugerimos disfrute de los bonitos paisajes a la salida, durante la travesía atravesando el fiordo de Oslo. Tiempo para disfrutar por la tarde de nuestra nave.
Nota: Desde el 17 de junio hasta el 13 de agosto, la cena está incluida para todos los pasajeros durante la travesía en el ferry.
09.45 hrs.- COPENHAGUE - Llegada de nuestro ferry. Desembarque y visita panorámica de la capital danesa; la mayor ciudad Escandinava es una ciudad de contrastes: nos muestra su popular “Tívoli”; el palacio de Christianborg; las terracitas de Nyhavn; la sirenita…
Tarde libre.
Nota : En fechas de ferias o congresos el alojamiento podrá ser realizado en Malmo (ciudad Sueca a 25 km de Copenhague –comunicada a través de fantástico puente colgante).
Distancia total realizada: 395 km.
Paisajes: Colinas agradables al sur de Dinamarca. Grandes llanuras en Alemania.
Por la mañana disponemos de tiempo libre en Copenhague.
11:30 hrs. - Copenhague –salida-. Viajamos hacia el sur de Dinamarca.
14:45 hrs. .- Gedser , llegada a esta pequeña ciudad ubicada junto al mar báltico en la que embarcamos hacia Alemania, salida de nuestro buque sobre las 15:30 hrs . Travesía en moderno ferry de casi dos horas. Recomendamos almorzar en sus restaurantes y dar un paseo por cubierta.
17:30 hrs llegada a Rostock , al norte de Alemania y continuación hacia Berlín.
20:30 hrs .- Berlín –Llegada-.
End of our services.

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