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April 2022 / March 2023

Cities to visit: Bucharest; Sinaia; Bran; Sighisoara; Biertan, Judeţul Sibiu; Sibiu; Hunedoara; Timisoara; Belgrade; Sarajevo; Mostar; Medjugorje; Kravice; Dubrovnik; Kotor; Budva; Tirana; Struga; Ohrid; Kastoria; Kalambaca; Delphi; Athens

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Welcome to BUCHAREST !. Transfer to the hotel and free time. You will receive information about the start of the circuit.
At about 1 PM (variable schedules we take a panoramic tour of the city with its ancient quarter and the giant Parliament Palace. Free time. Dinner included.
Total distance covered: 325 km.
Scenery: beautiful landscapes with the Carpathian mountains, remote areas and forests. Small picturesque villages en route.
Note: Wear suitable clothing. The Sinaia area is located on the mountain, we recommend warm clothes and comfortable shoes.
08.00hrs.- Bucharest. Departure. Today we have a stage of great scenic beauty, travelling to Transylvania across the Carpathian mountains and through forests.
10.30hrs.- SINAIA, Arrival. We will stroll in the gardens of the Peles and Pelisor castles (visit of the gardens, the interior of the castle is closed on Mondays).
12.00hrs.- Sinaia- Departure. High mountains.
13.00hrs.- BRAN. arrival to the 14th-century fortress, known as “ Dracula’s Castle” (tickets included). Time for lunch and stroll on the beautiful center.
15.30hrs.- Bran - Departure. The architecture of some of the villages shows that these regions were inhabited by people of German origin.
17.45hrs.- SIGHISOARA, arrival to this very beautiful walled mediaeval city and Heritage of Mankind. Tonight we include a very special dinner, in the restaurant of Count Dracula, in the house where Vlad Tepes was born.
Total distance covered: 39 5 km.
Scenery: beautiful landscapes and towns.
08.30 hrs.- Sighisoara- Departure. In Transylvania there are numerous fortified churches in areas that were inhabited by people of German origin; some of these churches have been declared Heritage of Mankind, and we will see one of them:
09.00 hrs.- BIERTAN. Arrival to visit the fortified church (tickets included) .
10.00hrs.- Biertan, Departure.
11.15hrs.- SIBIU, arrival to this important economic and cultural centre that was the capital of Transylvania, with its bustling narrow streets and squares. Time for a stroll and for lunch.
14.15hrs.- Sibiu- Departure.
16.00hrs.- In the afternoon, we visit the impressive castle of HUNEDOARA (tickets included), which is considered the prettiest castle in Romania.
17.00hrs.- Hunedoara- Departure.
19.30hrs.- TIMISOARA, Arrival. T ime for a stroll in its elegant central squares.
Total distance covered: 170 km .
Note: Keep your passport to hand, as it will be required on the border with Servia.
08.30hrs.- Timisoara- Departure. Among pleasant landscapes we set off for Serbia and the border pass (border procedures sometimes delayed).
11.30 hrs.- BELGRADE, arrival. We include a panoramic tour of this active capital on the shores of the Danube as it flows into the Sava, where we can admire its busy centre, its parliament, and stroll in the Kalemegdan fortress. Afternoon free.
Total distance: 295 km Landscapes: Forests, mountains, rivers, small cities. Great contrasts in our trip through Bosnia.
Note: Remember to have your Passport ready, you will need it to enter in Bosnia. Schedules of this stage sometimes can suffer important delays because of the border procedures.
08.00hrs.- Belgrade. Departure. A stage of pretty forest and mountain scenery. Short stop en route to get pictures of the landscapes. We enter BOSNIA.
14.15hrs.- SARAJEVO , arrival at lunchtime. Panoramic tour with a local guide of this city of strong Turkish influence: its mosques, its madrasahs, its busy bazaars. We will also see the Tunnel of life that saved the city during the Serbian siege. Dinner included.
Note: according to arrival time, the Tunel of Hope can be visited on Friday before leaving for Mostar.
Total distance: 315 km.

Scenery: Beautiful landscapes all the stage: mountains, rivers, waterfalls, lakes, picturesque villages en route. Arrival in Dubrovnik with beautiful seascapes.
Notes: Carry your passport, today we go to Croatia. We recommend wearing comfortable shoes for visits and the walk in Kravice.
08.30 hrs. - Sarajevo - Departure. Very beautiful landscapes between mountains and valleys.
11.00 hrs.- Mostar .- Free time to stroll and have lunch in this very picturesque city, its streets are full of commercial life and small restaurants. The high stone bridge separated the Catholic, Orthodox and Muslim communities.
14.00 hrs.- Departure. Just 20 km away you will find:
14.30 hrs.- Medjugorge.- Arrival. A place where thousands of Catholic pilgrims come. They believe that the Virgin Mary continues to appear on the top of the mountain. Time to walk next to its main church and urban center.
16.00 hrs. - Medjugorge - departure.
16.30 hrs - Arrival in Bosnia to Kravice, breathtaking waterfalls 25/30 m high whose walls form vertical gardens surrounded by greenery and where people of Dubrovnik or Mostar usually go to bathe and relax for a picnic.
17.15 hrs- Kravice, Departure to Croatia. Very beautiful coastal scenery.
19.45 hrs- Dubrovnik- Arrival.- Dinner included.
Dubrovnik - In the morning we begin with a tour with the local guide of the city of Dubrovnik; We are undoubtedly in one of the most beautiful cities in Europe: hanging on a rock, surrounded by walls, by the Adriatic Sea. We start including the climb by cable car. From the top of the mountains we can admire the best views of the City. After that, we will walk to know its historic center, a jewel of the world´s architectural heritage. In the visit, we include the entrances to the Franciscan Monastery which holds the oldest pharmacy in Europe; Entrance also included to the cathedral of Dubrovnik and the Palace of Sponza .
Free afternoon.
Return at the end of the afternoon to our hotel . Dinner included.
Note: Due to weather or maintenance, sometimes the cable car does not operate, in these cases we will offer entrance to the walls of Dubrovnik where you will also have fantastic views of the city and the bay.
Distancia efectuada: 160 km.
Paisajes: Lentas carreteras de montaña en Albania. Paisajes interesantes toda la etapa. Muy bellos contorneando el lago de Ohrid de aguas transparentes.
Nota: Lleve el pasaporte a mano. Cruzamos la frontera hacia Macedonia. Compruebe que no requiere visado para entrar en este país .
Tras el desayuno incluimos visita panorámica de Tirana: La capital de Albania, con sus mezquitas, la torre del reloj, los ministerios. Nuestro guía local nos hablará sobre este pequeño país. Tiempo libre antes de continuar nuestra ruta. (Esta visita podrá efectuarse también la víspera a la llegada a Tirana, según luz solar y a criterio del guía).-
11.15 hrs. - Tirana –salida-. Paisajes de montaña. Tras ellos llegamos al lago de Ohrid que forma frontera con Macedonia de muy bonitos paisajes. Paso de la frontera (en ocasiones pueden existir demoras). Entrada en Macedonia.
14.30 hrs.- Struga –Llegada-. Pintoresca ciudad a la orilla del lago. Tiempo para un paseo y almorzar.- 15.30 hrs. - Struga –salida-.
16.15 hrs.- Ohrid –Llegada-. Ciudad de fuerte influencia otomana declarada Patrimonio de la Humanidad. Tiempo para conocer el centro de la ciudad tras el cual nos trasladamos a nuestro hotel (ubicado a las afueras de la ciudad, junto al lago). Cena incluida y alojamiento.
Distancia total realizada: 295 Km.Paisajes: En general bonitos paisajes balcánicos y del norte de Grecia. Montañas en Grecia . Espectaculares paisajes en la zona de las Meteoras.
Nota: Lleve el pasaporte a mano. Entramos en Grecia (zona Schengen). - Visitamos el Valle de las Meteoras parando en los monasterios ortodoxos más importantes y visitando uno de ellos. Prevea ropa adecuada (las mujeres tendrán que colocarse faldas que les serán entregadas a la llegada al monasterio). Prevean calzado cómodo para la subida al monasterio.
07:45 hrs. - Ohrid –salida-. Viajamos hacia la frontera por regiones de agradables llanuras agrícolas. Paso por Bitola, ciudad histórica que fue llamada “ciudad de los consules”. Parada en la frontera donde aprovechamos para tomar un café y cambiar moneda si lo precisa. El norte de Grecia tiene fuerte influencia eslava y otomana y una geografía muy accidentada.
11:45 hrs. - Kastoria –Llegada-. La ciudad de las 100 iglesias, con sus calles medievales y sus agradables restaurantes junto a su bonito lago. Tiempo para pasear y almorzar.
13:45 hrs. - Kastoria –salida-.
16:00 hrs. – Meteoras –Llegada. Iniciamos nuestro recorrido entre los fantásticos paisajes de las Meteoras que albergan monasterios “colgados” literalmente de las rocas. Paramos y visitamos algún monasterio (entrada incluida) y divisamos los restantes monasterios “colgados” en las rocas.
Cena y alojamiento en Kalambaca, pequeña ciudad en el centro de la región de las Meteoras.
Por la mañana incluimos visita panorámica de la ciudad con guía local. Conocemos el palacio presidencial, el estadio Panatenaico donde se celebraron los primeros juegos olímpicos modernos, la biblioteca nacional, las bulliciosas plazas del centro; los nuevos barrios surgidos con las olimpiadas del 2004 y finalizaremos en el recinto del Acrópolis (entrada no incluida). Resto de día libre libre para pasear y descubrir lugares inolvidables.
Por la noche incluimos un traslado a la zona de PLAKA, lugar lleno de pequeñas tabernas griegas donde usted podrá disfrutar además del rico folclore de este país.
After breakfast, end of our services.

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