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April 2023 / March 2024

Cities to visit: Shanghai; Luoyang; Longmen; Sanmexia; Xian, Shaanxi; Chengdu; Miao Village; Zhaoxing; Guangxiao; Chengyang; Longsheng; Guilin, Guangxi; Crucero Por El Rio Li; Yangshuo; Huangyao; Guangzhou; Zhuhai; Macau; Hong Kong

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This tour is part of our flexible coach touring range, guaranteed with a minimum of 2 people. Once the tour is booked, it is guaranteed so it will definitely go ahead, and will never cancel.

This tour is guided in English only. Please note if English speaking attendance numbers are low, the tour can become bilingual either accompanied by two tour leaders, one for each language, or a single tour leader providing explanations in both languages.

The tour offers flexibility, allowing you to customize it to your preferences. By clicking 'Quote or Book,' you will have the choice to select your desired start and end dates and destinations within the tour's defined parameters. Given this flexibility, it's important to note that the same people, tour guides or drivers may not be on your entire journey.

Arrival. Welcome to China! Transfer to the hotel and free time. You will receive information about the start of the circuit during the afternoon.
09.00hrs.- In the morning, our trip i ncludes a visit round this impressive city. We will know the area of Pudong, located across the Huangpu River, is now the financial district, with its skyscrapers as the Pearl Tower. We will walk around the elevated walkways with a spectacular view of the modern towers and take a local ferry to cross the river to get a view of the scenery from the water and see the city life. We come to the Bund, with its 19th-century European style buildings. Then we will go to the Old City and the Yuyuan Garden, a private garden that was built during the Ming Dynasty. We will enjoy a demonstration of the Tea ceremony, traditional drink that plays an important cultural role in China. We will pass by one of the most fashionable neighborhoods of the capital, Xintiandi. Lunch included. Then, visit Tianzifang , a former residential area known for its narrow, labyrinthine traditional streets with its small craft shops and art galleries. We finish the visit along the Bund with its old buildings that remind us of the influence of European trade.
We finish the visit around 17:00 hrs..- You can return to the hotel with the bus or stay in the center (in this case, return to the hotel will be by your means. We always recommend you to bring the hotel card written in Chinese to explain to the taxi driver where do you want to go).
Distance travelled by high-speed train: 1020 km Scenery: Plains, mountains, a variety of scenery seen from our comfortable train.
Note: The train timetable may be changed. Each passenger must carry their luggage on the trip.
05.30 hrs.- Departure from the hotel. Picnic type breakfast. Transfer to the railway station. We take one of the fantastic Chinese high-speed trains. The train is expected to leave at 07.17 hrs.- Enjoy your railway trip, scenery of inland China, large plains, rice paddies, mountainous areas and greenery.
12.59 hrs.- LUOYANG – LONGMEN - Arrival -. Lunch included. After this we will see the LONGMEN CAVES- . The impressive Buddhist caves over a kilometre long. In the rocky wall of the river, more than 100,000 images of Buddha were cut. We will walk along its base and visit the most spectacular of them, including a boat trip to see them from the water.
At around 17 hrs we go to our hotel and are transferred to the old city, going in through its impressive wall and where we can enjoy the great traditional activity and its lit up streets. We are shown the life of a small provincial capital of inland China. Return to the hotel.
Distance travelled: 410 KM Scenery: Pleasant scenery. Spectacular at Mount Hua.
Notes: Wear comfortable footwear, above all for the climb up to Mount Hua. If you travel at times of high temperatures, we also recommend you take water with you when climbing in the cable car (cable cars do not have air-conditioning and the temperatures in the cabins can be very high). Sometimes due to the weather or excessive crowding (there is a maximum authorised number of visitors) we might not be able to climb Mount Hua, in which case we would visit Huaquing, with its beautiful gardens and 19th-century palace on our route to Xian).
08.00 hrs.- Luoyang – Departure -. In the outskirts of the city there is
08.45 hrs.- Buddhist temple of the WHITE HORSE. - We ask for great respect when visiting this place, which is not accustomed to receiving many tourists and where you will see the places where the monks live and the temples built in the style of the different countries where Buddhism is practised.
10.15 hrs.- White Horse Temple – Departure -. We travel towards the mountains. Lunch en route. -
14.15 hrs.- HUA SHAN , the tallest of the five sacred Taoist mountains. We will go up in the cable car (at certain times, there may be long waits or it might not even be possible to visit it due to excessive crowding), the scenery is spectacular and the atmosphere loaded with spirituality.
17.30 hrs.- Hua Shan – Departure -.
19.30 hrs.- XIAN – Arrival and accommodation -. We are in the fascinating city where the silk route began.
Total distance travelled: 105 km.

08.00hrs.- First thing in the morning, we will go to see the TERRACOTA ARMY, with its thousands of life size clay soldiers that were found underground. This fantastic archaeological site is less than an hour from the center of Xian.
12.30hrs.- Terracota Army. Departure.
13.00 hrs.- XIAN. We will visit the Small Wild Goose Pagoda where we will enjoy a brief Chinese calligraphy course. Later, we go across through the walled centre. We will cross the Muslim quarter there and we will enter the mosque, where we will be able to see the multiple cultures and religions that have left their mark on this country. Our tour will also include entry tickets to the Drum Tower where we will enjoy a short show of traditional instrument playing . Free time.- We will then take a walk through its Muslim quarter and enter the mosque, where we can think about how the different cultures and religions that have populated the scenery have left their mark.
At around 17:30 p.m. we finish our visit. You can return to the hotel or walk around on your own in the active historic center.
Salimos  de Xian en modernísimo tren de alta velocidad , en algo mas de tres horas cubrimos  los 700 km que nos separan de CHENGDU . Nada mas llegar iremos al centro de  investigación y cría de Osos Pandas , en esta reserva viven 120 pandas gigantes  y 76 pandas rojos. Almuerzo incluido. Por la tarde daremos un paseo por el Parque  del Pueblo , con su pequeño lago, la población local efectuando Taichi y sus  casas de té.
Hoy  incluimos excursión de día completo en la provincia de Sichuan, de agradables  paisajes y pueblos tradicionales. En DUJIANGYAN conocemos el tradicional  sistema de irrigación, que lleva funcionando mas de 2000 años y es patrimonio  de la humanidad. QUINGCHENG SHAN , “montaña de la ciudad verde” es una montaña  sagrada taoísta, sus senderos entre bosques nos permiten descubrir cuevas,  pabellones y centenarios templos de madera, almuerzo incluido. Finalmente  visitaremos la ciudad antigua de JIEZI con sus callejones con mas de mil años  de historia. Regreso a CHENGDU.    
Saldremos en tren , madrugamos (salida prevista de nuestro tren a las 7.38 hrs), nos separan casi mil kilometros que efectuamos en algo mas de cinco horas y media entre magníficos paisajes de montaña (almuerzo picnic en el tren) . Llegada a Congjiang , nos encontramos en una magnifica y desconocida zona de China habitada por minorías étnicas. Conocemos el   BASHA MIAO Village, en el bosque, con sus casas de madera, es la única etnia autorizada a llevar armas de fuego, al haber sido tradicionales cazadores de osos. Continuamos a ZHAOXING , la población mas importante de la minoría Dong, bellísimo lugar con sus mas de 800 viviendas tradicionales, muchos lo definen como el pueblo mas bonito de China. Alojamiento.
Hoy efectuara una de las etapas  mas hermosas y emocionantes de su viaje. GUANXIAO , entre sorprendentes  pueblos de etnia Dong con su hermosa arquitectura de madera, este pueblo lleno  de encanto y parado en el tiempo es poco frecuentado por el turismo  internacional, veremos su puente colgante, la torre del tambor, el teatro de la  ópera. Paramos también en CHENGYANG , con su magnífico “puente del  viento”. Almuerzo incluido . En LONGSHENG iremos a los arrozales  de LONJI, patrimonio de la Humanidad, con un autobús pequeño subiremos a los  miradores y podrá bajar un tramo caminando por sendas entre arrozales y  maravillosos paisajes.  Tras ello  seguimos a GUILIN -Llegada al final de la  tarde.
Dia completo en GUILIN ,  una de las ciudades más populares de China con un ambiente muy agradable a  orillas de su lago, junto al rio Li, y con sus muy comerciales calles del  centro urbano. Incluimos visita a la Gruta de las Flautas de Caña , una  magnífica cueva en la cual hay numerosas estalactitas y estalagmitas de  fantásticas formas que son iluminadas con bellos colores, creando un mundo  espectacular en las entrañas de la tierra. Tarde libre, le recomendamos conocer el palacio  Jingjiang, “ciudad prohibida en miniatura”. Alojamiento.
Saldremos de Guilin en  barco, efectuamos un crucero fluvial por el rio Li , los paisajes son espectaculares con sus verdes montañas, los pueblos a  las orillas, las rocas sorprendentes y sus picos de formas asombrosas. Almuerzo  incluido. Llegamos a YANGSHUO , ciudad muy turística llena de vida,  un paseo antes de seguir por el interior de China hacia HUANGYAO , en un  entorno rural, la ciudad antigua se conserva magníficamente con sus pequeñas  calles, edificios antiguos, templos; la vida y la actividad de sus habitantes  también nos llevaran a otra época. Tiempo para pasear. Continuamos nuestra ruta  hacia CANTON -Llegada al final del día
Canton,  incluimos una visita de unas dos horas en esta pujante metrópolis del sur de China, pasearemos por la calle Shangiaxju con su mercado tradicional, conoceremos  la Casa del clan Chen de finales del siglo XIX y recorreremos la zona ribereña del rio. Tiempo libre y almuerzo incluido . Por la tarde viajamos a ZHUHAI, junto al mar de China, nos detenemos junto al impresionante teatro de la Opera, construido en un terreno ganado al mar, inaugurado en 2016 su impresionante forma simbolizan el sol y la luna. PASO DE FRONTERA y entrada en MACAO , donde conocemos la zona de los casinos, muchos de ellos del mismo estilo que los existentes en Las Vegas, su actividad es impresionante.    
MUY IMPORTANTE: Si en su viaje vuelve a entrar posteriormente en China continental tras su estancia en Macao y Hong Kong, requiere de una visa de doble entrada.  
MACAU. We include a tour of the city whose historic centre has been declared a World Heritage Site. Administered by the Portuguese from the 16th century until 1999, its history can be seen in its ancient churches, the tiles of the civil buildings, its fortress and the oldest lighthouse in China. Free time and lunch included . In the afternoon we take the impressive bridge that connects Hong Kong with Macao. This was opened at the end of 2018 and is an engineering feat with more than 30 kilometres of bridges over the China Sea, 6 kilometres of tunnel under the sea and artificial islands; we will stop at its tourist platform to admire this work. HONG KONG - Arrival. After our accommodation, we will take the Star ferry , crossing Hong Kong bay by boat to enjoy a short walk to see the illuminated buildings from the other shore. Return to the area of our hotel. Dinner included . Accomodation.
Note: If there are fewer than 12 people in the group, the trip from Macau to Hong Kong may be done by Shuttle bus.
08.30 hrs.- We start our tour of the city. We will take the Star ferry and cross Hong Kong bay by boat and then climb up to Victoria Peak (552 m) from where we can see the whole city. Along the way we will see the financial centre with its tall skyscrapers, we will visit (tickets included) the History Museum that will show us the history of the city (colonial period, World War …) the Avenue of the Stars by the quay that shows us the celebrities of the film industry. Afternoon free.
After breakfast, end of our services.

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