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October 2020 / March 2021

Cities to visit: Zaragoza; Fuendetodos; Belchite; Calaceite; Mas De Flandi; Cretas; Valderrobres; Alcañiz; Gruta De Cristal; Mirambel; Cantavieja; Linares De Mora; Rubielos De Mora; Teruel; Bronchales Drier; Albarracin; Anento; Daroca; Monasterio De Piedra

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  we begin our journey to enter the semi-desert lands of intense red and dry crops of southern aragon. arrival to fuendetodos, a small town that saw the birth of the "most universal aragonese", francisco de goya. we will have time to visit goya´s birthplace and the museum of engraving (entrance fee included).     

we will continue our route to belchite, the ruins of its "old town", destroyed during the civil war; stand upright next to the "new town" as a memory of the past waiting for visitors from all over the world. we will make a brief stop to photograph these memories.   

we will set a course for a small jewel of "empty spain", known as "aragonese tuscany", matarraña. its river gives name to this region where the waterfalls, the mountains and the olive trees will transport us to an almost mediterranean atmosphere. we will visit several of its small towns. one of the most renowned in this region is calaceite, a beautiful town considered one of "the most beautiful villages in spain". we will have time for a walk and lunch before continuing our journey.   near calaceite we will visit the mas de flandi, an olive oil mill where they will explain the traditional process of olive oil production (entrance included).   

the next stop in the region will be the tiny town of cretas, known for its famous bread ovens and its well-preserved medieval layout. we will have time to get lost among its arches, passages, squares and portals, as well as take advantage of the opportunity to buy the famous local bread.     

finally, we will arrive at the capital of the matarraña, which will be waiting for us after crossing the medieval bridge and who’s major plaza, completely renaissance, will transfer us to past times, we will have arrived at valderrobres. we will take a walk through the town and we will ascend until the high part where they emphasize the church and the spectacular gothic castle.  

we leave behind this region to go to alcañiz, capital of the lower aragon, has a historic center with a medieval air whose main buildings are the town hall and the fish market. we will have time to dine in one of its many restaurants. accommodation.

After a good breakfast, we will leave the bajo aragón to enter another of its singular regions, the maestrazgo. the sensation of entering these iberian mountain ranges of teruel is unique. 

our first stop will be in the municipality of molinos, where we will visit, if we do not coincide with the closing day, one of the best-preserved caves in aragon: the crystal cave, considered a natural monument. the cave is a complex network of small rooms linked by short galleries full of spectacular stalagmites and stalactites. the strange geological formations that resemble curtains, columns and petrified waterfalls, will not leave anyone indifferent (entrance included).    

we will continue southward through the maestrazgo until we reach the tiny town of mirambel. by its monumentality and perfect state of conservation, the urban centre constitutes one of the most outstanding examples of medieval urban architecture not only of the province, but also of the whole country. hand by hand with a local guide we will know all its corners that will take us to another time.    

after the visit of mirambel we will go to the capital of the maestrazgo, cantavieja. we will be able to get lost by the town and we will not stop admiring its famous major square, as well as the houses constructed inside the old towers of the wall. 

after some time to walk, we will have lunch before continuing our trip. the next village we will visit is linares de mora, hanging from the mountain with its unpolluted white houses and surrounded by lush forests.   not far from linares we will find rubielos de mora. strolling around rubielos we will find an endless number of manor houses and small palaces that formerly belonged to great nobles where stone and forge work, eaves or coats of arms stand out.     this will be our last stop in the most unknown and beautiful aragon, where renaissance palaces coexist with the great infinite pine forests and waterfalls; the mountain coolness is influenced by the warmth of the nearby mediterranean; while the impassive past becomes present in a calm and peaceful atmosphere. 

we will set out for teruel, a real gem full of monuments declared a world heritage site. today we will sleep in the "city of lovers", being able to walk the streets of the historical center at night and have dinner in the plaza del torico. accommodation.

Our stage today will be quiet; we will devote ourselves to know in depth two of the best-preserved jewels of aragon: teruel and albarracín. together with our guide we will discover the main points of interest in the city of teruel, with special emphasis on teruel´s mudejar style. while we get lost among the modernist houses and medieval mudejar towers we will know the history of the lovers of teruel. few cities in the world will be so devoted to a legendary romance as this one, therefore, a visit to the famous mausoleum of the lovers cannot be missed, where we will discover in a unique architectural setting the coffins of rodrigo and isabel, whose sculpted figures still shake hands more than six centuries later (entrance included).      

we will have time to have lunch and taste its rich gastronomy. next, we will go to a small village in the sierra de albarracín, bronchales, besides enjoying a unique natural environment, famous for its ham dryers, and of course, visit one of the largest ham dryers in the country (entrance included).     

we will resume our journey towards albarracín, one of the most beautiful and picturesque villages in aragon, which is a candidate for world heritage status not only because of its intrinsic beauty and excellent state of conservation, but also because of the mountainous area in which it is located. accompanied by our guide, we will take a walk through the town, going through its narrow streets that wind up to the church of santa maría. every corner is a perfect viewpoint over the impressive landscape, a red plaster arrow over our senses. we will enjoy this beautiful town until bedtime...accommodation.

 we will start the day with a slow breakfast before heading north to a small town that has a lot to offer: anento. a wonderful medieval village where we will take a walk through its streets decorated with purple and blue, where there is never an absence of flowers on the terraces and the perennial stonework that ascends to the ruins of the castle that crowns the village. later we will walk about twenty minutes through nature to the famous aguallueve de anento, a spring where water drops continuously fall creating a spectacular relief with walls of stone and moss and small caves hidden inside. 

 after the walk we will head for daroca, a walled medieval village, one of the most beautiful in all of aragon. we will stop by the gates of the wall and enjoy some time to walk its streets and have lunch before continuing our journey.        

after lunch we will go to the piedra monastery, one of the jewels of aragonese heritage. the first impression we will have upon arrival will be one of surprise, surprise when we discover this unusual orchard where water and abundant vegetation reign in the midst of an arid landscape. the same surprise that the monks who came to this place and founded a cistercian monastery, back in the 12th century, had. a haven of peace where art, architecture and vegetation are mixed, ideal for relaxing and letting yourself be carried away by the sound of water descending through its different waterfalls (entrance included). this incredible place will be the perfect end to our trip so full of emotions. return to zaragoza.   

arrival and end of services. our guide will drop you off at the agreed point.

we hope you have enjoyed your circuit with europamundo. 

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