Partnering with Europamundo Tours, Touropa offers hundreds of tours throughout Europe with weekly departures, and guided in English only. Due to popular demand, we are offering a unique range of Special Indian Line tours. These tours operate exactly like all our English speaking coach tours, with affordable accommodation, English speaking guides and first class coaches. The unique feature is that for one meal on each touring day, will be an Indian inspired meal. The Indian Inspired meals will be located at a local Indian Restaurant, and include either a lunch or dinner daily.   For... Read more
Travelling the world is a wonderful experience, but in terms of touring, it is often built to cater for couples, groups of friends, or families. Single travellers are not catered for very well. However, there is change on the way. Here we are going to be looking a little more at solo travellers, and some of the best destinations that you should consider going to if this is something that sounds appealing to you.  The Rise Of The Solo Traveller Solo travelling is on the rise, and most of this has been demand-driven. The increase in people willing to travel on their own and having the... Read more
If you’ve been thinking of taking a tour through Europe, then you might have looked at several different options already without finding the perfect one for you. However, if you have a look at Touropa, you might find that our tours are a little different. Our tours include all the comforts that you’d be used: air-conditioned luxury coaches, carefully selected hotels, and an impeccable standard of English-speaking tour escorts and local guides. So what separates us from the pack? Read on and find out.   The Tours Are Guaranteed One of the biggest selling points of our... Read more
Europe is brimming with romantic destinations for a honeymoon… it’s almost a shame that we get fixated on only the most well-known cities and destinations. Here, we’re going to look at some of the lesser-known places for your romantic getaway, and why each of them is worth a closer look.   1. Helsinki, Finland The gorgeous capital of Finland is made up of different islands, mixing lush greenery with a cosy, European city full of history and gorgeous monuments like the Suomenlinna Fortress and Sibelius Monument. There are also excellent manicured gardens and great... Read more
Ah, Rome. The city where hope springs eternal. It is a city that is proud of its ancient glorious heritage, a city that once expanded its empire throughout Europe, Africa and Asia. Rome is a city drenched in history and Christianity. First-time visitors may be easily overwhelmed by all this magnificent city has to offer. After all, one can find history and art on almost every street corner. That’s why visitors may want to do their homework to narrow down what they want to see and do before they get on a plane or train bound for the Italian capital. Rome is divided into several districts... Read more