Pausing your Coach Tour

Have you ever heard of pausing your coach tour? 

But coach tours cannot be stopped at any point? Right?

With Touropa we allow you to pause your coach tour, so you can spend more time discovering your favourite European destinaiton. 


For instance, say you chose this tour, but while in Dubrovnik you wanted to stop the tour to take a Croatia Cruise.

Stop Pause Tour


With Touropa you can stop the tour at any point and then rejoin the tour on the next departure.

Usually departures are the following week, so the stop will be 7 nights, but there are more regular tours which depart more than once a week, allow you to take a few days break and visit a city or region in more depth. 

So Easy to Book a Coach Tour and pause it midway:


  1. Just search for the tour which visits the countries or cities you would like to see
  2. Use our filter and click on the 'stop' option
  3. Select the tour
  4. Choose your start and end destinations
  5. Click Quote or Pre Book to make a booking

It's just that easy.

No other coach tour company allows you so much flexibily. With Touropa you easily select and tailor the coach tour to personalise it to your needs.

Click here to view a list of all our coach tours that can be paused, in Europe. 


For more information on our unique coach tours, click on our video below: