Tailored Coach Tours

Tailored coach tours are set coach tours which you can personalise to suit your travel arrangements.

A tailored coach tour will allow you to customise your trip, by only choosing the portion of the coach tour that you would like to use. 

So Easy to Book a Tailored Coach Tour

  1. Just search for the tour which visits the countries or cities you would like to see
  2. Use our filter and click on the 'tailored' option
  3. Select the tour
  4. Choose your start and end dates
  5. Click Quote or Pre Book to make a booking

It's just that easy.

No other coach tour company allows you so much flexibily. With Touropa you easily select and tailor the coach tour to personalise it to your needs.

Click here to view a list of all our tailored coach tours in Europe. 


For more information on our unique coach tours, click on our video below: