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What are Guaranteed Coach Tours and why are they so important?


When a coach tours is guaranteed, it means that once booked the coach tour will not cancel.

Most coach tour operators will cancel a tour if it doesn't meet a minimum number of passengers, and therefore is not viable to operate the departure. The problem is that it leaves the client (usually last minute) without another tour option, or it means the client has to waste time and money finding rearranging flights and accommodation to find another suitable coach tour.

With Touropa, we guarantee every single coach tour and every single personalised and tailored departure. Even if the tour has to operate for one passenger, we will ensure it goes ahead. The coach size may change to a private vehicle but the tour will always operate, and we will never leave our clients without a tour.  

So as soon as you book, receive a confirmation and pay for your tour, THE COACH TOUR WILL NOT CANCEL.

Touropa gives you the confidence to book a coach tour with a trusted and accredited company.


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