Terms & Conditions

Touropa Terms & Conditions

Please read this information carefully as payment of your deposit or participation in travel booked pursuant to these terms will constitute your agreement to all terms and conditions set out below. References to “you”, “client”, “passenger” or “traveller” mean each of the persons who make or are subject to a booking with us.

Prices are, quoted in Australian dollars, in lead-in rooms unless otherwise stated. Prices are subject to change and you should confirm with us at time of booking.



The “Company”, “we”, “us” or “our” in the context of these terms and conditions means Touropa Pty Ltd. ABN 81 636 093 199. 



A booking request is accepted when we issue a written booking confirmation showing we have received your deposit. It is at this point that a contract between us and you comes into existence subject to these Booking Conditions. We reserve the right to decline any booking at our discretion. No employee of ours other than a director has the authority to vary or omit any of these Booking Conditions or to promise any discount, refund or credit.


The services we provide to you are limited to (a) the organizing and coordination of your travel arrangements; and (b) the delivery of travel arrangements which we directly control. This includes (often significant) work undertaken prior to travel to organize and coordinate the delivery of your travel arrangements.



Prices are applicable for bona fide international leisure travellers, and are stated in Australian Dollars ($AUD). Prices shown online are only available when booked and paid for in advance in Australia. Where services are extended or modified whilst overseas, locally published prices may be applied.

 International and domestic airfares and airport/hotel transfers are not included unless specifically stated. Costs associated with passports, visas, vaccinations, insurance, meals (other than those stipulated), emergency evacuation costs, gratuities, and all items of a personal nature are not included.

Certain cities and countries have tourist taxes which need to be paid locally at hotels upon arrival.

We reserve the right to surcharge the cost of your booked travel arrangements prior to commencement for circumstances beyond our control such as currency devaluation, fuel or air fare surcharges, or the imposition of new or amended Government charges.

We will not surcharge for currency fluctuations once full payment has been received by us. 



A deposit of AUD $300 per person is required within 3 days of making your booking (this is the Option or Pre-Confirmation Period). The deposit represents a fee payable to us for services associated with the processing and confirmation of your booking and any consultations on travel arrangements that we may provide to you. Because these services are provided as soon as we confirm your booking, the deposit is non-refundable. Please note that booking options will automatically cancel if we have not received your cleared funds and had time to process them within the 3 day period. In this case a new booking will be required and the original optioned services may be unavailable or prices may have changed.  



Re-booking Fee: Any reservation that has to be rebooked due to expiry of the booking through non-payment of a deposit will be subject to an amendment fee of AUD $33 in addition to immediate payment of the deposit. If we are unable to confirm the initial booking the deposit will be refunded in full. You will be notified at the time of booking if any additional deposit requirements apply.

Document Re-issue Fee: AUD $55 for any amendment made which necessitates re-issue of documents. This may be in addition to any other amendment fee charged by our suppliers.

Credit Card Payment: A fee of 1.75% for VISA, MASTERCARD or AMERICAN EXPRESS will be applied to all Australian credit card payments and will be added to the amount to be paid. International Credit Cards will attract a higher fee.

Courier Fee: Where vouchers, tickets and travel documents are sent via specialist courier this cost will be charged to your booking.

Amendment Fee: No fee will be charged for the first amendment or to extend an existing booking. For second and subsequent alterations, excluding extensions or additions, a fee of AUD $55 per booking applies. A proposed amendment or name change may be treated as a cancellation. Any additional charges applied by suppliers are payable by you.



Final payment is normally due 60 days prior to departure from your domicile. Bookings made over Easter, Christmas, New Year, Fair or Event Periods and other special dates or holidays may require an earlier final payment date. Exceptions to this are bookings made less than 60 days, where full payment is required immediately. Some airline tickets and/or special offers may require payment well in advance of the normal requirements. We reserve the right to cancel the booking and apply the appropriate cancellation charges where you fail to meet the payment conditions.



Some services cannot be booked without payment first being received. We will advise you if this condition is applicable. A full refund for the service will be made if the booking cannot be confirmed. For some arrangements an option system is used. Once an option is advised the deposit (or full payment if applicable) must be made within 3 working days in order to confirm your booking. If payment is not received on time the option will automatically lapse and cancel.



We reserve the right to correct any errors in rates quoted or calculated for any service, notwithstanding that the invoice may have been paid in full. All confirmed bookings are issued with an invoice detailing the services booked. If any service is still on request this will be indicated on the invoice. It is the responsibility of the agent or traveller (in the absence of an agent) to ensure that all services requested are correct.



Travel documentation will normally be issued two weeks prior to departure. Documentation will not be issued until we are in receipt of full payment. Issuance of documentation does not absolve responsibility for any outstanding payments due.



Covid-19 credit redemptions

If: (a) we issued you with a credit due to your original travel arrangements being disrupted by Covid-19 and associated restrictions; and (b) you have redeemed that credit for new travel arrangements; then (c) you agree that we will not be obliged to refund you the value of the credit if you cancel your new travel arrangements.

New or changed quarantine requirements

If after we confirm your booking: (a) new or changed quarantine requirements are imposed by government authorities either in a destination you are due to visit or in your home state or country; and (b) these new or changed quarantine requirements make it reasonably impractical for you to travel; then (c) you may give us written notice to cancel your trip not less than 61 days prior to commencement of the first arrangement. If you cancel travel arrangements in these circumstances, then we will refund payments made by you less: (a) unrecoverable third party costs and other expenses incurred by us in relation to your travel arrangements; (b) overhead charges incurred by us relative to the price of your travel arrangements; and (c) fair compensation for work undertaken by us in relation to your travel arrangements until the time of cancellation and in connection with the processing of any refund.

Other cancellations

If you wish to cancel your trip, we require written notice and will make refunds to you less cancellation fees in accordance with the table below, calculated from the date which we receive written notice:

  • Over 60 days before commencement: Deposit (including any additional supplier deposits, promotional or earlybird payments)
  • 60 days or less to commencement: 100% of total price

You agree that the deductions and cancellation charges specified above are reasonable, represent a genuine pre-estimate of our loss and are required to protect our legitimate business interests.

If your holiday has commenced, 100% of the price is charged. There is no refund for unused services or if portions of the holiday package are missed. If you fail to check-in at your designated hotel as confirmed, 100% No Show Fee will be charged.



If due to any illness, suspected illness or failure to satisfy any required tests (such as a PCR or rapid antigen test in relation to Covid-19):

  • an airline or other common carrier refuses you carriage;
  • a hotel or vessel refuses to accommodate you; or
  • we or our suppliers (acting reasonably) exclude you from the trip

and you are consequently prevented from commencing or continuing your trip, then:

  • if you have already commenced your trip, we will provide you with reasonable assistance to arrange alternative travel arrangements or to continue the trip. This will be at your cost.
  • if you have not commenced your trip then we regret we will not be in a position to provide such assistance.

We will not be liable to refund the cost of your trip (or any part of it) because we would have already paid (or committed to pay) suppliers and we would have already performed significant work preparing for the delivery of your trip and servicing your booking.

We will not be responsible for any other loss you incur in connection with your booking (for example, airfares and visa expenses) if you are prevented from commencing or continuing your trip in these circumstances.



Force Majeure – Prior to travel

In these Booking Conditions, the term Force Majeure means an event or events beyond our control and which we could not have reasonably prevented, and includes but is not limited to: (a) natural disasters (including not limited to flooding, fire, earthquake, landslide, volcanic eruption), severe weather conditions (including hurricane or cyclone), high or low water levels; (b) war, armed conflict, industrial dispute, civil strife, terrorist activity or the threat of such acts; epidemic, pandemic; (d) any new or change in law, order, decree, rule or regulation of any government authority (including travel advisories and restrictions).

If in our reasonable opinion we (either directly or through our employees, contractors, suppliers or agents) consider that your travel arrangements cannot safely or lawfully proceed due to a Force Majeure event, then we at our discretion may elect to:

  • reschedule your travel arrangements, in which case we will issue you with a credit equal to amounts paid; (in whole or in part); and/or
  • cancel your travel arrangements, (in whole or in part), in which case our contract with you will terminate. (in whole or in part).

If we cancel your travel arrangements, neither of us will have any claim for damages against the other for the cancelled arrangements. However, we will refund payments attributable to the cancelled travel arrangements less: (a) unrecoverable third party costs and other expenses incurred by us for the cancelled travel arrangements; (b) overhead charges incurred by us relative to the price of the cancelled travel arrangements; and (c) fair compensation for work undertaken by us in relation to the cancelled travel arrangements until the time of cancellation and in connection with the processing of any refund.

Force Majeure – During travel

If due to Force Majeure we cancel travel arrangements after your trip has commenced, we will provide you with a refund of recoverable third party costs for cancelled travel arrangements only.

Force Majeure - General

If we provide you with any alternative services or assistance where travel arrangements are cancelled or rescheduled due to Force Majeure, then you agree the amount to be refunded to you will be reduced by the value of these services and assistance.

You acknowledge that the terms in this section are reasonably necessary to protect our legitimate business interests. We strongly encourage you to purchase travel insurance that adequately responds to cancellation and rescheduling risks associated with Force Majeure events.

Other Cancellations

If we cancel your travel arrangements for reasons other than Force Majeure (including where Minimum Numbers are not met on a tour or cruise), you will be offered, at your election, a refund of all funds paid to us, or the offer of travel of equal or better quality, if appropriate. In the event of a cancellation of only one or some services booked through us (whereby other services on your invoice remain confirmed), then our remedy to you is limited to the amount paid to us for those specific cancelled services only, or the offer of an alternative to those cancelled services only.

We will not be responsible to you for any other expenses or loss you incur if your travel arrangements are rescheduled or cancelled whether or not due to Force Majeure.



These fees may be in addition to the charges outlined above. On some occasions, hotels, airlines and other service providers offer instant purchase rates which may involve cancellation or amendment fees of up to 100% if changes occur after booking, regardless of the date of travel. Supplier charges are based on the commencement date and cost of each confirmed arrangement. Some services have cancellation fees higher than the standard scale. Charges may be up to 100% of the price paid.



Prior to travel

Occasionally, we may need to make amendments or modifications to the itinerary and its inclusions and you acknowledge our right to do this. If we become aware of a significant change to your itinerary or its inclusions prior to the commencement of your trip (where the trip can still proceed), then we will notify you within a reasonable time. Our independent suppliers in each destination reserve the right to change hotels (for tours) and vessels (for cruises) to those advised prior to travel, and neither is guaranteed. In those situations we will notify only when the change results in a reduction in category of hotel or cruise.

During travel

You acknowledge that the itinerary, modes of transport, accommodation and/or the trip’s inclusions may need to change during your trip due to local circumstances beyond our reasonable control, including road conditions, poor weather, changes in transport schedules, and/or vehicle breakdowns. You agree that we have the right to pass on any costs we incur for alternative arrangements we put in place for your benefit in these circumstances.


To the fullest extent permitted by law, we will not be responsible for any omissions or modifications to the itinerary or the inclusions due to Force Majeure or other circumstances beyond or control happening after we have accepted your booking. This includes any loss of enjoyment or distress caused by omissions or modifications.

If you are entitled to any compensation for any modifications or omissions, then you agree it will be reduced by the value of any alternative services we provide which you accept.

We will not be responsible to you for any other expenses or loss you incur resulting from any amendment or change to the itinerary or its inclusions.



No refunds will be made for of any travel arrangements not utilised, whether by choice or because of late arrival or early departure. This includes the failure of transport to operate according to schedule, which we disclaim responsibility for.

 If you are not fully and validly vaccinated against Covid-19 in the destination(s) where services are to be provided, and particular suppliers refuse to provide you with travel arrangements, then you agree you will not be entitled to any refund for those arrangements. We will not be responsible to you for any loss or expenses you incur (including loss of enjoyment or the costs of alternative arrangements) if you are denied services in these circumstances.



No refund will be given for any service which is not used by you due to late arrival, early departure, or by choice. This includes the failure of any transportation to operate as scheduled. We do not authorise any supplier to promise refunds on our behalf. If the price of your holiday is reduced after the deposit or payment is made, this alone will not entitle you to a refund.



Travel insurance is not included in our prices. We strongly recommend that you purchase travel insurance from your travel agent at the time of booking to cover yourself against loss of monies paid in the event of cancellation due to illness or other unforeseen circumstances; as well as for medical expenses, pandemic/epidemic cover, loss of luggage and other expenses incurred while travelling.



Contact details of our local representatives are included in documentation. Please do not hesitate to contact local representatives for any assistance with difficulties or changes. If you need to alter your arrangements once overseas or to add services to your booking you may do this through our local representative. Any additional costs incurred therein must be paid directly. We cannot be held responsible for (and you release us from) any subsequent complaint with arrangements booked directly with a supplier abroad. Cancellations of confirmed services must be notified through Touropa even if you have advised the local representative.



We endeavour to ensure that all your arrangements proceed smoothly. However, should a problem occur during your travels it is recommended and most practical for you to resolve it with the local service provider. If you are unable to resolve the matter, it should be referred to our local representative immediately. If this is not possible we should be informed immediately. If you are unhappy with your hotel room or cabin, please inform the duty manager so the situation may be rectified on the spot. If you have an unresolved complaint this should be put to us in writing detailing the efforts that were made with the local operator to resolve the issue. It is important to send this with supporting documentation within 30 days of the date of the service.



Hotels are generally selected for escorted coach tour groups, based on availability for groups, facilities and value. In more remote areas we may need to use basic accommodation which is regarded as ‘best available’. Classifications and star ratings are based on assessments provided by tourist authorities in the countries concerned and reflect the type of facilities offered, rather than denoting a style of hotel. For more information please visit the hotel’s website.



Photographs are intended to give a general impression only and city maps are only a guide to the location of the hotel and touring. Your actual tour, coach, sightseeing and hotel room’s photos and location may differ from what is depicted on our website.



The mention of facilities such as parking, gyms, saunas etc. does not imply that the use of these is free. Where charges apply, they will be payable locally (unless otherwise specified). Tea and coffee making facilities in rooms are the exception rather than the rule. Swimming pools, heating and air-conditioning are not necessarily available all year round.



Prices are based on lead-in twin/double share accommodation, unless otherwise stated. Requests for specific bedding types must be made at the time of booking but are not guaranteed. Double rooms may have either twin or double beds. It is common practice to link two single beds together to use as a double bed. Single rooms are often smaller than other rooms and may contain a single bed. Triple rooms usually consist of a twin or double-bedded room with an additional sofa bed, folding bed or rollaway for the third person - the room may be cramped as a result. In villas and apartments, the bedding configuration is as advised at the time of publication or booking, and is subject to change. Bedrooms in villas, apartments or similar refer to sleeping areas and do not infer that these areas afford total privacy.



Where a child shares a room with two paying adults and stays free, an extra bed may not be supplied, and the child could be expected to share an adult’s bed. Additional charges may be levied and paid directly for child meals. Where a child discount rate is applied, the child receives a bed, normally a rollaway. When children stay in a room without two adults, the adult charge may apply.



It is your responsibility to ensure that you have a suitable level of health and fitness to undertake the trip of your choice.

If you suffer from a medical condition which may reasonably be expected to increase your risk of needing medical attention, or which may affect the normal conduct of the trip, then you must advise us at the time you make your booking request.

We may request you to provide an assessment of your medical condition from a qualified medical practitioner. If the assessment indicates that you will require special assistance from personnel which we cannot reasonably provide, then we may cancel your booking. Provided you notified us of your medical condition at the time you made your booking request, we will provide you with a full of refund of payments made. If you fail to notify us at that time or if you fail to provide a medical assessment within a reasonable time of our request, then this will be considered a cancellation by you.

We reserve the right to cancel your booking if any changed or non-disclosed medical conditions mean that you will require special assistance which we cannot reasonably provide.

We strongly suggest that your travel insurance policy includes comprehensive cancellation coverage.



It is mandatory for you to be fully vaccinated against Covid-19 with a vaccine approved by the Therapeutic Goods Administration or equivalent health authority in your domicile. This is so we can provide a safe environment (by mitigating health risks) for our staff, our contractors, our suppliers and their staff, and our other customers (as relevant). It also assists to protect the communities you will visit. You agree to provide us with evidence of vaccination at least 30 days prior to the commencement of travel arrangements booked with us. If you fail to provide evidence of vaccination by the time required, then you acknowledge and agree that this will be deemed a cancellation by yourself. Please refer to the “Cancellations by You” section above.



We, or our agents, reserve the right to refuse a reservation, or to exclude a passenger from a service whose socially unacceptable behaviour or medical condition is likely to affect the smooth operation of a service, or adversely affect the safety or enjoyment of other passengers. Any decision to refuse carriage or exclude any person on these grounds will be made without recourse, refund or compensation.



Our prices do not include tips. Tipping tour drivers and guides is customary in the countries included in this brochure. The amount of your tip is left to your discretion and should be seen as a reward for good service.



Overbooking is common practice among airlines and hotels. You need to accept that any claim arising from overbooking may only be made against the airline or hotel concerned. Without prejudice to the foregoing, we will try to protect your interest should overbooking occur.



Reasonable efforts have been made to ensure that our brochure or website is accurate at the time of publication. We reserve the right to rectify any errors on exclusions on our website and in our brochure, notwithstanding the fact that you may have already paid and confirmed your tour. If the rectification results in a significant change in the itinerary or inclusions, we will notify you. Please be aware that a variation in size of coach, number of participants currently confirmed on the tour, or advised hotel (as long as there is not a downgrade in hotel category) is not deemed a significant change to the itinerary.



Unless otherwise stated in writing at the time of booking, airfares, visa and passport costs, travel insurance, optional activities, vaccination and medical expenses, excess baggage, airport departure taxes, local government taxes, laundry, postage, phone calls, fax/email charges, beverages, items of a personal nature, porterage, tips and meals are not included on the itinerary and are your responsibility.



Services supplied by independent suppliers

Where a third party over whom we have no direct control (Independent Supplier) is the supplier of travel arrangements that form part of your trip, you acknowledge that our obligations to you are limited to taking reasonable steps to select a reputable Independent Supplier and arranging for them to provide those travel arrangements to you. Independent Suppliers over whom we have no direct control include but are not limited to airlines, railway and cruise operators, hoteliers, independent transport companies (i.e., vehicles not operated by us) and common carriers.

Touropa Pty Ltd is an Australian Wholesaler; and even though we represent overseas destination management companies and services and products, we cannot be held responsible for any information or lack of on their behalf.

In all cases, tours and other services sold by Touropa Pty Ltd is provided by Independent Suppliers, and we act as intermediary only.

To the fullest extent permitted by law, we will not be responsible to you for any loss, damage, personal injury or delay attributable to the actions or omissions of an Independent Supplier. Any claims you have in this regard must be made against the Independent Supplier. You acknowledge that the Independent Supplier’s liability to you may be limited by their own terms and conditions.



You should familiarise yourself with any health, passport or visa requirements that may be applicable in the areas that you intend visiting. You are responsible for all entry, exit, health and other documents required by law, regulations, orders, demands or requirements of the countries visited or transited. We will not accept liability for (and you release us from) any loss or expense due to your failure to comply. You will be liable for any additional costs incurred (whether by the client or by Touropa on the client’s behalf), as a result of failure to comply with such requirements. You accept that you may be travelling through areas of political or climatic instability, high altitude and remoteness without proper medical services, and accept the associated risks. It is your duty to inform your Agent of any circumstances of which we should be aware, such as medical conditions and other facts which could impact on the smooth running of your travel arrangements. The making of a booking constitutes your acceptance of all booking terms and conditions as described herein and forms the basis of your contract with Touropa.



Travel agents are responsible to advise us of any specific requirements you may have and to communicate to you any changes or alterations advised to them by us. It is the responsibility of the travel agent to ensure all invoice details are correct and that you are made aware-of and acknowledge all booking conditions. No representation made by your travel agent to you concerning the quality, location, or any other matter in relation to the services and facilities provided by us shall bind the Company unless your travel agent has been expressly or impliedly authorised by us to make such a representation.



You acknowledge that travel arrangements or services which comply with local laws and regulations will be deemed to have been properly performed, even if this would not be considered the case in Australia.

Australian Consumer Law and corresponding legislation in State jurisdictions in certain circumstances imply mandatory conditions and warranties into consumer contracts (“Consumer Warranties”). These Booking Conditions do not exclude or limit the application of the Consumer Warranties. Other than the Consumer Warranties, we disclaim all warranties.

To the fullest extent permitted by law, our maximum liability to you under these Booking Conditions, in tort (including negligence) or at law is limited to arranging for the travel arrangements to be resupplied or payment of the cost of having them resupplied.


If you place a booking on behalf of another party, you represent and warrant us that you are duly authorised to provide the agreement and consent of the other party to be bound by these Booking Conditions. You agree that you will be responsible for any loss or damage we incur if this is not the case.



The contract between Touropa Pty Ltd and you is governed by the laws of the State of NSW. Any disputes shall be dealt with by a court with the appropriate jurisdiction in NSW.

If any provision of these Booking Conditions is found to be unenforceable, then to the extent possible it will be severed without affecting the remaining provisions.

Any personal information you provide to us will be collected, stored, used, protected and shared in accordance with Australian Privacy Principles, and our Privacy Policy, which is published at www.touropa.com.au





Touropa predominantly partners with Europamundo to offer tours throughout Europe, America and Asia. As such, there are items which compliment the above terms and conditions. Booking with Touropa also constitutes acceptance of the below items, which form part of Europamundo’s Terms & Conditions.



Unless otherwise stated, the starting point for the beginning of a tour is the hotel, if this was booked as an additional night or as a stop-over or end-point for another Europamundo itinerary. It is very important that travellers check the place of departure on their voucher. No shows at that place on the date and time confirmed can involve losing the purchased services without any right to a refund of the same, with a lack of punctuality incurring the same consequences, both at the beginning of a tour and during the course of the same.


All our overland routes, unless otherwise noted, include the support of accompanying tour guides (English speaking) and local guides, if so specified. On some tours, according to the number of passengers, the service may be provided biliingually (usually in English and Spanish). There will be no assistance from any guides on additional nights, either at the beginning or end of the tour. If the customer undertakes a sector of a circuit, the assistance of the guides begins at the moment when the group that constitutes the tour arrives in the place where the passenger will join it.



Full details of the hotels are available on the website www.europamundo.com. While this information is indicative of the standard of planned hotels, the final list of hotels that are confirmed for the trip can be checked via the “My Trip” website before starting your tour. On occasion we may need to alter your hotel (especially during high season), with another property of similar category before arriving at the destination. It is important to print the definitive list of hotels 48 hours before the start date. The passenger is responsible for all damages caused in the hotels or on coaches; for injuries caused to other passengers and third parties, as well as for fines and expenses that Europamundo is obliged to pay to the authorities on their behalf.

  • Location and comfort: Our hotels are not luxury, but they have the necessary comfort, are always in the destination cities, apart from exceptional circumstances, central on occasions, while others are near the centre and/or in peripheral areas, although always linked to the city centre by public transport.
  • Check-in, check-out: The hotel check-in is usually about 14:00 hrs. and the check-out about 10:00 hrs. If you want your room to be available for more time, consider booking an extra night.
  • Double, twin & triple rooms: Europamundo cannot guarantee that all the rooms in the hotels will have double beds and it is possible that, in some hotels, the room will be a twin room (two single beds). In many hotels there are no triple rooms, with these actually being a double room (one or two beds) with an additional bed which in some cases might be a sofa-bed or a folding bed resulting in conditions, space available and comfort lower than double rooms. We do not recommend booking triple rooms for three adults, we would only suggest this for families travelling with a child. Regarding the twin-bedded room, in some cases, some hotel chains may provide a double bed and a sofa-bed with lower comfort than a normal bed. On some ferries with overnight passage, the accommodation may be in cabins with bunks.
  • Kettles, tea / coffee facilities: It is not usual for there to be kettles or facilities to prepare tea or coffee inside the rooms of European hotels. The majority will contain a mini-bar, but in some cases there may be the most basic beverages in them, and in some cases they may be empty so you can use it to suit your tastes and preference.
  • Safety boxes: We recommend keeping personal belongings such as basic and important documents like passport, money, jewellery, electronic items or valuables in the safety boxes of the hotels, most of the time existing in the rooms, sometimes in the Reception. Do not leave your valuable things in the room (even if they are kept inside your luggage), and pay attention to your bags in the common areas of the hotel such as the reception, restaurant or breakfast room, etc. since Europamundo will not accept any liability for the loss or theft of luggage occurring at the hotels nor responsibility for the loss or theft of the above mentioned personal belongings. 



The possibility of hiring “Additional Nights” is only valid for travellers who purchase tours with Europamundo, provided that these nights immediately precede or are a direct extension of our tour. Given that Europamundo has no rooms reserved in hotels for these additional nights, we cannot guarantee either the rate (which in periods of high hotel occupancy or difficulty may vary), or the hotel that is booked, which in many cases will be confirmed last minute. Although you may book a maximum of 4 extra nights at the beginning and/or end of the tour, Europamundo recommends you only book a night when you need it. The necessary conditions to host groups that our hotels must fulfil sometimes require these to be far from the city centre, so we suggest you analyse alternatives through your Travel Agency that may be more convenient for such extra nights.



Included transfers for the trip are specified on a tour by tour basis. In the event that transfers are included, these could be private or shared with other passengers. They may be provided from hotel to hotel or from the airport / train station / port in the city where the passenger will join the tour to the hotel (or vice versa), not private addresses, at the beginning or end of the trip. A passenger will lose the right of the transfer if he arranges nights in between, before and/or after through a different travel company or if the airport / port is located at a distance further than 40 km. The information must be supplied by the passenger and be correct on the flight / train number or hotel name, being the passenger or the travel agent’s responsibility. The driver will wait a maximum of 1 hour time. In case the passenger is retained or delayed due to any cause inside the airport, he should call the transfer contact number provided in the voucher.



The services provided by Europamundo are overland and are made by coach, with the size of the vehicle being adapted according to the number of passengers. Europamundo does not have coaches with access ramps for wheelchairs. If the number of registered participants on a circuit is very low, in order to fulfil our commitment of “Guaranteed Departures”, Europamundo may provide as a transport a private vehicle or minivan driven by our guide. Likewise, a section of the trip could be undertaken by regular train, airplane, bus or cruise, in which case, customers will not be assisted by an accompanying tour guide. On numerous routes, there will be one or more changes of coach / guide during the tour.

Toilets on coaches:  Many coaches do not have a toilet. Where toilets are available, travellers are asked to limit its use (due to odours and absence of places where emptying and cleaning). Some coaches are fitted with toilets provided on a fee-paying basis (thus allowing free but moderate usage). In tours with this logo you will change bus / guide one or more times throughout your circuit.



The luggage allowed for each passenger on our tours is limited to one piece of a maximum of 30 kg. per person (note airlines and trains have their own limits, normally lower, to be respected). Europamundo may refuse to accept excessively bulky luggage. Europamundo is only responsible for the luggage, one piece per person and with the limits of the insurance policy included, when it is travelling inside the coach trunk (not allowed to leave it inside overnight). The passenger is fully responsible for its luggage during the entire journey except in the above mentioned case. In the event that passengers travel with luggage that has or includes a higher value than is covered in the included insurance policy, we recommend making a declaration for these items before starting a tour and purchase through his travel agency an additional insurance policy with higher coverages. It is allowed to take a bag or day-pack (without wheels) in the coach cabin, although the passenger is responsible for their custody. Never leave your belongings on the bus; take them with you, even at the stops, because Europamundo shall not be responsible for loss or theft, nor for your personal belonging left or forgotten on the coach.



Many of our tours have a meal schedule. The different nationalities and cultures who cohabit in our groups make it impossible to satisfy all preferences, due to which Europamundo chooses menus in keeping with the destination visited on occasions, although the majority are international cuisine. It is possible to see the restaurant list and menu type on each tour on our web page www.europamundo.com . Due to the condition of group travel, it is not possible to reserve special petitions and there shall be no reimbursement if the traveller does not consume the meals included.



Europamundo has arranged a basic travel insurance policy with Europ Assistance for all its passengers. This insurance provides coverage from the time that the provided services by Europamundo commence and continues until their completion (not including public transportation to join the tour such as airline services). Europamundo cannot assume any liability in cases where the insurance Co. considers that the policy does not cover the expenses claimed by the traveller, regardless of the reason that may lead to such a situation. There is a coverages extract in the page 5 of this catalogue and the full detail with the limitations, obligations and exclusions can be checked in the My Trip website. For passengers own safety, Europamundo carefully recommends purchasing an optional insurance in addition to the one included in the tours.



In the event that an emergency arises during the tour, the passenger should inform as soon as possible the accompanying tour guide. Furthermore, Europamundo provides a 24 hour emergency telephone service according to the destination country for urgent and important matters, which passengers can use, and details can be found on their voucher. Non-urgent matters will not be dealt with on these calls, and nor will they respond to questions that do not relate to emergencies en route (reservations, rates, questions about availability, etc.).