Top 10 Honeymoon Destinations in Europe, that are not Paris, Amalfi or Santorini

June 12, 2019 | By: Touropa
Top 10 Honeymoon Destinations in Europe, that are not Paris, Amalfi or Santorini

Europe is brimming with romantic destinations for a honeymoon… it’s almost a shame that we get fixated on only the most well-known cities and destinations. Here, we’re going to look at some of the lesser-known places for your romantic getaway, and why each of them is worth a closer look.


1. Helsinki, Finland

The gorgeous capital of Finland is made up of different islands, mixing lush greenery with a cosy, European city full of history and gorgeous monuments like the Suomenlinna Fortress and Sibelius Monument. There are also excellent manicured gardens and great romantic walks to go on, crossing over crystal blue waters, or exploring the Market Square to enjoy the liveliness and warmth of a capital that is compact and inviting.


2. Milos, Greece

If you feel like somewhere a little more remote, then the island of Milos could be the perfect romantic retreat. The Kostantakis Winery is a good place to start – one of the island’s famous wineries, where the volcanic soil contributes to some truly unique terroir. Milos also features beaches of golden sand as well as rocky shores, perfect for either relaxing or exploring; gorgeous little villages like the traditional Pollonia; and plenty of chances to circumnavigate the island with a cruise that also allows you to visit neighbouring islets like Kimolos.


3. Protaras, Cyprus

Cyprus is an island of coastal resorts, but in some areas they’re overrun with European package tourists. Protaras is a little less widely known, but no less welcoming, and with a thriving scene of clubs and bars for those looking to celebrate. Fig Tree Bay is the perfect place to relax together and enjoy a romantic picnic by the sea. Or if you’re a more adventurous couple, dive into the gorgeous blue waters at Konnos Beach, or head to the Cape Greco National Park.


4. Lake Bled, Slovenia

Often in the running for “most gorgeous town in Europe,'' Bled is the perfect place to relax and take in postcard-perfect vistas. On the one side of the eponymous lake, you have towering mountains and deep, verdant forests. And in the middle, a lonely green island. You can take a romantic boat ride out to the island- to climb and ring the bell in the steeple of the Baroque Church there. Or take a carriage ride around the lake, ending back at Bled Castle where you can enjoy some of the local delicacy of cream cake.


5. Prague, Czech Republic

Prague is a perfect stop for a honeymoon tour, being both a cultural and geographical centre of Europe. It’s also a cost-effective place to travel as well. Tour the historic gardens of Castle Vysehrad. Enjoy a vintage car ride and tour through the city with a chauffeur of your own. Or enjoy the city’s Little Venice district by way of a romantic cruise through its canals and beneath Charles Bridge. A city of historic buildings and landmarks, opera, and bookstores as far as the eye can see, it’s not hard to find romance in Prague.


6. Bern, Switzerland

Amongst the remote, snow-capped peaks the Alps, this capital city makes the perfect place to enjoy a warm drink with your partner. Take a trip through the UNESCO World Heritage listed Old Town, where medieval buildings line both sides of cobblestone streets. Take a dip in the clear, cool River Aare, before warming up with one of the city’s many locally brewed beers. In the afternoon, join the couples catching the sunset at the perfectly manicured Rose Garden.


7. Loire Valley, France

As momentous as Paris can be, there are few places you can feel the history of France so much as in the Loire valley. The Chateau de Chambord is one of the world’s most meticulously preserved castles and another UNESCO World Heritage Site available on one of our multi-country tours. A visit to the Loire Valley can feel like stepping into a fairy tale atmosphere, from the castles to the private river cruises, and the lavender fields that stretch for miles.


8. Madeira, Portugal

Well-known for the sweet wine bearing its name, Madeira is one of the culinary capitals of Portugal, so those looking for some sumptuous indulgence are going to have no trouble finding it here. There are gorgeous volcanic beaches to stroll down, warm natural pools, and some of the highest cliffs in Europe to admire the Atlantic from.


9. Salzburg, Austria

Music is the language of love, as they say, and for that reason, lovers are more than welcome to Salzburg. Amongst the gorgeous Baroque architecture, you’ll find stops such as Mozart’s home, as well as plenty of venues always playing live music (both classical and contemporary), so get swept up on a carriage ride through the medieval streets of the city’s Old Town. You can even explore some of the locations made famous in The Sound of Music.


10. Tuscany, Italy

Easily one of the most romantic regions in all of Europe. A trip through Tuscany can include a stop in Florence, where you’re destined to see some of the art and architecture that Renaissance Europe is best known for. The hill after rolling hill of vineyards compliments the famous cuisine, including the much-beloved Bistecca alla Fiorentina, a steak dish designed to serve two. Chianti, Montepulciano, and the stunning village of Cortona (Under the Tuscan Sun) await.


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