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April 2024 / March 2025

Cities to visit: Zurich; Bern; Fribourg; Nyon; Yvoire; Geneva; Chillon Castle; Gruyeres; Leysin; Interlaken; Aareschlucht; Chiasso; Lugano; Burglen; Lucerne; Einsiedeln; Vaduz; Feldkirch; Saint Gallen; Constance, Baden-Wurttemberg; Stein Am Rhein;

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This tour is part of our flexible coach touring range, guaranteed with a minimum of 2 people. Once the tour is booked, it is guaranteed so it will definitely go ahead, and will never cancel.

This tour is guided in English only. Please note if English speaking attendance numbers are low, the tour can become bilingual either accompanied by two tour leaders, one for each language, or a single tour leader providing explanations in both languages.

The tour offers flexibility, allowing you to customize it to your preferences. By clicking 'Quote or Book,' you will have the choice to select your desired start and end dates and destinations within the tour's defined parameters. Given this flexibility, it's important to note that the same people, tour guides or drivers may not be on your entire journey.

Welcome to Europamundo! Transfer to the hotel and free time. You will be provided with the information required for the beginning of the trip in the afternoon; otherwise, the information will appear on the information panels at the hotel reception area.
IMPORTANT: -Remember that hotels check-in time is usually at 14:00 hrs. If you require more hours of room availability, consider booking an additional night at the beginning of your trip.
- IF YOU REQUESTED ADDITIONAL NIGHTS upon arrival at the hotel, you would have your room booked, but your trip guide would normally contact you at the beginning of the included activities. At the reception you can also find an informative sign, indicating the telephone number and hours of assistance of our staff. YOUR TIME THEREFORE BEFORE THIS MOMENT IS FREE. The hotel staff can help you with all the information you need.
-OPTIONAL ACTIVITIES: During your trip, it´s likely that your guide will offer you optional activities. If these activities are available in the Europamundo app or through your "My Trip" link, we strongly recommend that, if interested, you book them well in advance to ensure availability. Waiting until the last minute often means missing out on the opportunity to participate (due to lack of tickets, coach seats, etc).
Note: The schedules that you will find in this itinerary are indicative. The guide, depending on the situation and in order to improve the development of the trip, may adjust the schedules.
Total Distance: 304 km
Scenery: Pleasant countryside, picturesque villages, great views over Lake Geneva.
Note: We recommend having some warm cloths to enjoy the boat ride.
08.00 hrs.- Zurich - Departure -. We will travel through beautiful landscapes.
09.45 hrs.- Bern - Arrival -. The capital of the country and one of the most beautiful historic cities in Switzerland. We will drive up to the Garden of Roses whose viewpoint offers unrivaled views of the city. Free time to explore and to have lunch.
13.00 hrs.- Bern - Departure -. We will head towards the French-speaking region of Switzerland.
13.45 hrs.- Fribourg - A historic bilingual city with an interesting and historic town centre.
14.45 hrs.- Fribourg - Departure -.
16.15 hrs.- Nyon – Arrival in this small, Roman city. After having some time to walk around we will travel to France by boat on Lake Geneva (most commonly known in France as Lac Léman) at approximately 16.40 PM, the journey takes about 20 minutes; line boat that allows us to enjoy the lake (in some cases, the boat we will take will be in reverse Yvoire/ Nyon service)
17.00 hrs.- Yvoire .- We will arrive in this beautiful medieval village with fortified gates, a castle, flowery streets and beautiful views over the lake.
18.30 hrs.- Yvoire. Departure
19.30 hrs.- Geneva , Arrival at the end of the day. Accommodation (usually our hotel is located in the French area of town).
Total Distance: 202 km
Scenery: Very beautiful scenery on Lake Leman. Great lakes, with tall snow-covered summits in the distance. In the afternoon, we have a trip through the mountains alongside beautiful villages with wooden houses.
After breakfast, we include a city tour of Geneva with our guide or a local guide; this city on Lake Leman hosts the European headquarters of the United Nations, the International Labour organisation, the Red Cross and numerous other headquarters of international entities. We see these landmarks from our bus and will have a chance to stroll around the old city and have lunch.
12:45 hrs - Geneva-. Our road follows Lake Leman amidst magnificent vineyard scenery (an area declared UNESCO world Heritage).
14.15 hrs- Chillon Castle, arrival at this fantastic medieval castle built on the waters of the lake. Tickets included.
15.15 hrs - Chillon Castle –Departure-. On our route we go by the cosmopolitan city of Montreux.
16.00 hrs - Gruyeres. – The area where the famous cheese is produced, Gruyeres is a very picturesque walled touristic village. Time for lunch. Near Gruyere there are some of the main Swiss chocolate manufacturers (NESTLÉ among others), and we visit the Cailler factory, with a tasting included!
17:45 hrs - Gruyere, departure. Magnificent mountain scenery, we cross areas with scenic villages with wooden architecture.
18.45 hrs - Leysin, arrival in this beautiful holiday village with spectacular views of the Rhône plain and Mont Blanc, known for its winter sports resort or its hiking possibilities. Dinner included.
Note: sometimes accommodation will be in a nearby alternative city (usually Matigny).
Total distance: 34 0 km
Scenery: Probably the most spectacular part of our route in the Alps; High summits where snow remains all year round; Lakes.
Note: Wear warm cloths and comfortable shoes. It is also recommended some waterproof cloths (especially for the waterfalls´ visit). Please also be advised to use sun protection during the sunny days while visiting the high mountains.
Notes: Due to weather conditions (strong wind) or maintenance the cable car may not operate on certain dates.
08.30 hrs.- Leysin -Departure-. High mountain landscapes of great beauty surround us and you will be able to see ice and snow during most of the year.
09.00 hrs.- We will take the cable car up to the Glacier 3000 mountain station , one of the most spectacular points in Switzerland where, from its terraces, you will be able to see different panoramic views of the alpine landscapes. You can walk on the suspension bridge over the gap between two mountain peaks, enter the Ice Cathedral or "play" in the Fun Park.
11.30 hrs- Departure to Interlaken through beautiful mountain and lake scenery.
13.15 hrs - Interlaken , a small town situated between two lakes and dominated by an impressive mountain scenery. Time for lunch.
15.00 hrs - Interlaken - departure.
15.45 hrs.- Aareslucht- we include the entrance to the impressive gorges of Aareslucht and we will walk along the path inside the gorge.
16.45 hrs.- Aareslucht -departure-. We take the Sustenpass, one of the most beautiful roads in Switzerland that passes between glaciers and takes us to Italian-speaking Switzerland.
19.45 hrs- Accommodation in Chiasso , a Swiss city on the Italian border.
Note: Occasionally, due to weather conditions such as rain or strong winds, the cable car to Glacier 3000 may not operate. The ascent is not authorized for children under 2 years old.
Note: The Sustenpass road is normally closed until the end of May and since mid-October. In this case the journey will be made by alternative roads.
Note: Due to the lack of hotel offering in Chiasso, sometimes accommodation will be given in the Como area.
Total distance: 220 km
Scenery: Beautiful landscapes on our motorway. Lakes and mountains.
08.00 hrs.- Chiasso –Departure-.
08.30 hrs.- Lugano – arrival to the cosmopolitan capital of the Italian Switzerland with its beautiful lake. Time to stroll.
10.00 hrs.- Lugano – We continue on the highway, crossing the mountains to get back to German-speaking Switzerland.-
12.00 hrs.- Burglen.- Time to stroll in the tiny village where William Tell was born, we shall see the chapel of the XVI century with paintings illustrating his life. If you want, you can also visit the museum of William Tell.
12.45 hrs.- Burglen –departure.
13.00 hrs.- Altdorf – Arrival to this nice city. In its central square you will also find traces of the history of William Tell. Time for a walk and lunch.
14.30 hrs.- Altdorf –departure.
15.15 hrs.- Lucerne – free time to explore this beautiful city by the lake that bears its name. We will suggest, optionally, to take the cruise on the Lake of the Four Cantons, considered one of the most beautiful lakes in Switzerland.
Total distance: 190 km.

Scenery : Beautiful Swiss landscapes.
Note: Wear comfortable walking shoes in the meadows of Heidi village .
Note: Tonight we stay in Feldkirch, a small town located in Austria next to the Swiss border. Don´t forget to bring Euros, you will need them in Feldkirch.
08:30 hrs.- Lucerne, departure. We go around the lake of the four cantons.
09:30 hrs - Einsiedeln .- Its immense baroque abbey is the main point of pilgrimage in Switzerland. You can visit it and walk around the city.
10:30 hrs. - Einsiedeln.- Departure. We continue towards the East of Switzerland. Beautiful landscapes of hills and lakes. We cross with the bus the picturesque village of Maienfeld, where the novel/story of Heidi, very popular due to its cartoon, was inspired.
12.00 hrs- Heididorf- stop at the place where the "Heidi´s House" is located (ticket not included. Entry to the facility is free), a picturesque place with beautiful landscapes that we will reach through a pedestrian path.
12:45hrs. Heididorf- departure. We enter into the small independent country of LIECHTENSTEIN.
13:15 hrs. - Vaduz- With its castle that rises on a steep hill in the middle of the city. Time to walk and have lunch.
15:45 hrs. - Vaduz. Departure.
16:15 hrs. - Feldkirch . In Austria, in the border with Switzerland, Liechtenstein and Germany; Charming walled town with beautiful medieval old town and castle. Free time and accommodation.
Total distance: 215 km
Scenery: Picturesque all day; Lakes, charming villages.
Note: The island of Mainau is in Germany, you may need some euro.-
08:15hrs.- Feldkirch,- Departure. We enter Switzerland again.
09:00 hrs. - St Gallen. Its center is a part of the World Heritage List by UNESCO with a wonderful cathedral and its historic center.
10:00hrs. St. Gallen- Departure. We follow Lake Constance, between Germany and Switzerland.
11:15hrs. - Constance - Time to stroll through this elegant city.
12:45hrs. - Constance - departure.
13:15 hrs. - Island of Mainau .- Access by pedestrian bridge. We include the entrance to visit its beautiful botanical garden . Time for lunch.
15:30hrs. - Island of Mainau - departure.
16:15hrs. - Stein Am Rhein. -a typical village on the Rhein River with precious houses with painted walls.
17:15hrs.- Stein Am Rhein,- Departure.
17:45 hrs. - Rhein Waterfalls ( entry included ), the waterfalls with the most abundant flow in Europe.
18:45hrs. - Rhein Waterfalls - departure. We continue to Zurich.
19:30 hrs. - Zurich - arrival.
Total distance covered by train: 42 km
Note : Our stage today is different; we travel across Lake Zurich by boat and return by train. The transfers from the hotel to the center may also be done on public transport (depending on the total number of participants). The indicated timetables of the boat we use may change (the itinerary may be adapted accordingly).
09.00 hrs.- We will leave the hotel on this peaceful day. With our guide, we will take a walk around the most populated city of Switzerland, which is also the country’s financial and cultural capital. The city of banks as been twice declared the city with the best quality of life in the world.
10.30 hrs.- We start our almost two-hour cruise on Lake Zurich. The boat makes brief stops to allow us to admire the villages along the way.
12.30 hrs.- RAPPERSWIL, a small, picturesque village overlooked by its mediaeval castle. Time for a stroll and lunch.
15.00 hrs.- Rapperswil, We return to Zurich by train , and will see the efficiency and punctuality of the Swiss railways. We will reach Zurich in a little under 35 minutes. Free time afterwards.
Note: Depending on the number of travelers, the transfers to and from the center might be carried out by public transport.
After breakfast, end of our services.
Note: Remember that hotels check-out time is usually at 10.00 hrs. In most cases, you can leave your luggage at the hotel reception at check-out time, so you can enjoy the city and pick it up at the time you require that same day. If you need more time to use your room, please consider booking an additional night at the end of your tour.

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