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April 2024 / March 2025

Cities to visit: Rome; Florence; Pisa, Tuscany; Cinque Terre; Genoa; Portofino; Milan; Lakes Region; Verona; Venice, Véneto

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This tour is part of our flexible coach touring range, guaranteed with a minimum of 2 people. Once the tour is booked, it is guaranteed so it will definitely go ahead, and will never cancel.

This tour is guided in English only. Please note if English speaking attendance numbers are low, the tour can become bilingual either accompanied by two tour leaders, one for each language, or a single tour leader providing explanations in both languages.

The tour offers flexibility, allowing you to customize it to your preferences. By clicking 'Quote or Book,' you will have the choice to select your desired start and end dates and destinations within the tour's defined parameters. Given this flexibility, it's important to note that the same people, tour guides or drivers may not be on your entire journey.

Welcome to Europamundo! Transfer to the hotel and free time. You will be provided with the information required for the beginning of the trip in the afternoon; otherwise, the information will appear on the information panels at the hotel reception area.
IMPORTANT: -Remember that hotels check-in time is usually at 14:00 hrs. If you require more hours of room availability, consider booking an additional night at the beginning of your trip.
- IF YOU REQUESTED ADDITIONAL NIGHTS upon arrival at the hotel, you would have your room booked, but your trip guide would normally contact you at the beginning of the included activities. At the reception you can also find an informative sign, indicating the telephone number and hours of assistance of our staff. YOUR TIME THEREFORE BEFORE THIS MOMENT IS FREE. The hotel staff can help you with all the information you need.
-OPTIONAL ACTIVITIES: During your trip, it´s likely that your guide will offer you optional activities. If these activities are available in the Europamundo app or through your "My Trip" link, we strongly recommend that, if interested, you book them well in advance to ensure availability. Waiting until the last minute often means missing out on the opportunity to participate (due to lack of tickets, coach seats, etc).
Note: The schedules that you will find in this itinerary are indicative. The guide, depending on the situation and in order to improve the development of the trip, may adjust the schedules.
08.00hrs.- Panoramic tour with a local guide of approximately two and a half hours of the capital of Italy, one of the most influential cities in Western civilization. Our visit, by coach, is adapted to the rigid control system of tourist coaches that circulate in Rome established by the city council of this city. In the panoramic tour you will get to know the ancient Rome called Imperial Rome: Colosseum, Arch of Constantine, Marcellus Theatre, Capitoline Hill, Roman Forums, Circus Maximus, Church of Santa Maria in Cosmedin with the “bocca della verita” (mouth of the truth), Republican Temples, Baths of Caracalla, Aurelian Wall, Basilica of Santa Maria Maggiore and San Giovanni de Lateran, Church of Santa Maria in Dominica (Navicella), Cestia Pyramid, St. Paul´s Gate, Lungo Tevere Avenue with the Babylonian-style Jewish Synagogue, Tiber Island, passage in front of St. Angel´s Castle.
This tour ends in St. Peter´s Square in the Vatican . For the travelers that are interested, our guide will offer an optional tour after the panoramic tour where you can visit in more detail the Basilica of St. Peter and the most outstanding rooms of the Vatican Museums and the Sistine Chapel.
Free time in the afternoon. 18:30 hrs. - At the end of the day we include a transfer to the popular Trastevere district, with its small restaurants and atmosphere. Return to the hotel at approximately 8.30 pm.
Note : Due to the new municipal regulations on the circulation of tourist coaches in Rome being still in the process of being defined, the panoramic tour described may vary depending on it.
Free day. You can enjoy the charm of this city. Free time to explore and discover memorable places.
Total distance: 320km
Scenery: pleasant landscapes; historical towns along the route.
Note: we recommend you wear comfortable shoes as the city tour of Florence involves walking.
08:00h Rome – Departure (may slightly vary, depending on the departure points).
12:30h Florence – upon arrival we will make a stop to take a photo at the Michelangelo viewpoint , where we can have one of the most beautiful views over the city. After that we include a sightseeing tour with a local guide of the capital of Tuscany, one of the most visited cities in the country, considered the cradle of the Renaissance and few of the most influential artists and thinkers in history, such as Leonardo da Vinci, Michelangelo, Botticelli or Raphael. Highlights include the Gothic cathedral (duomo), the ancient Stone Bridge (Ponte Vecchio) with its goldsmiths´ shops and the Signoria square - the political heart of the city with the town hall in a medieval building.Free time in the afternoon. We recommend visiting one of its impressive museums, such as the Accademia Gallery or the Uffizi museum.
Total distance covered by road: 317 km.

Countryside: Today is a day by the sea. The Ligurian coastline presents one of the prettiest sceneries and maritime corners of Europe.
07:30 hrs - Florence -departure.
09:15 hrs - Pisa –Arrival-. We are obliged to leave you in the car park for tourist coaches. From here, we include the tourist train to take you to the monumental complex. Time to visit the impressive monumental complex of Pisa with its leaning tower, Baptistery and Cathedral.
11.00 hrs - Pisa –Departure-. We continue travelling along the Mediterranean coast. The mountains where Carrara marble is produced look snow-covered.
12:45 hrs- Levanto –Arrival-. In this town we take a train to one of its charming towns, usually Vernazza, although on busy tourist dates, it could be Manarola or Corniglia, very similar towns but somewhat less crowded. The departure time of the train is scheduled for 13:05 hrs. (modifications possible) which, through long tunnels next to the sea, takes us into the Cinque terre region, which is impossible to access by buses due to its difficult geography of mountains that fall into the sea. The area remained isolated and preserved its traditions today it is a region declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO.
13:30 hrs - Vernazza- Arrival by train. Arrival in one of the 5 villages of the Cinque terre region, which maintains its maritime appearance. Its church of St. Mary stands out, built in 1318 on the seashore. Time for lunch.
15:44 hrs - Vernazza - Approximate departure of our train from Vernazza (timetables may change). We continue by train to Levanto, where our bus awaits us to continue on our way along the coast towards Genoa.
NB: The train to Cinque terre is a regular local railway service and not a tourist service. Places cannot be booked and sometimes the trains are full and passengers have to travel standing.
On some dates, due to excess tourism, we can take it in another nearby town, or in Levanto, but there may be long waits to board it. In these cases we suggest walking to the monumental site (approximately 900 meters).
17:45 hrs -Genoa –Arrival-. The city, where Christopher Columbus was born, time to see its monumental center.
Total distance covered: 170 km.

NB: By boat, we reach the enclave of Portofino. It is recommendable to have some warm clothes to hand to be able to enjoy the trip on deck.
08:30 hrs - Genoa –Departure-. We travel along the Italian Riviera.
09.00 hrs - Sta Margherita Ligure –Arrival-..
10:15 hrs - We take a boat for a 20-minute crossing to PORTOFINO , one of the most exclusive places in Europe. Time in Portofino, a beautiful town.
12.00 hrs - we return to Santa Margherita, a very pleasant coastal town. Time to have a walk and lunch.
NB: Sometimes the boat to Portofino is not running due to weather conditions. In these cases urban micro-buses will be used to get to the town (poor quality service, sometimes lengthy waits).
14.00hrs - Santa Margherita –Departure-.
16:30 hrs - Milan -Arrival. - Free time until 19:30 hrs. We recommend to have a walk around its historic center full of commercial life, and where its Gothic cathedral stands out.
Total distance covered: 360 km.

Countryside: We will see the beautiful region of the Italian lakes; the mountain scenery with snow peaked summits and large Alpine lakes surrounded by beautiful villages are unforgettable.
NB: Have some warm clothes to hand, you may need them to enjoy the boat trips included.
NB: On days of bad weather, the stop in Stressa may be shorter.
07:30 hrs - Milan -departure. We take the motorway to the great lakes. We first of all travel to Lake Orta; its rather more isolated position and its smaller size give it a special charm.
09.00 hrs - Orta de San Giulio -Arrival. A beautiful intact mediaeval town by the lake. In the centre of the lake, we will immediately see the Island of San Giulio with its monastery. On a small tourist train we reach the town where we have hired launches to sail across the lake to the island. Time to see the town and its island.
11.00 hrs - Orta de San Giulio -departure. We travel to Lago Maggiore .
11:45 hrs - Stressa. - Arrival in this tourist town by Lake Maggiore. Time to have a stroll and for lunch. If you want, there is time to take a boat trip to the Borronean Islands which face the town.
15:45 hrs . Stressa –Departure-. We will leave the mountains and travel through the industrious areas of the Poo Valley.
19:30 hrs - Verona –Arrival
Distance covered: 130 km.
Scenery: A pretty entrance to Verona over its large bridge.
Verona - Time to stroll in the city of Romeo and Juliet.
11:30 hrs - Verona –Departure-.
NB: depending on the time of year, the sunlight and the traffic on the way, sometimes we will see Verona on arrival from the lakes. In these cases, there will be an earlier start for Venice.
13.00 hrs - Venice –Arrival-. We include a boat transfer to Saint Mark’s Square, the place where, after time for lunch, a local guide will take us around Saint Mark’s Square , the Basilica, the Campanile, etc.; we will also see a popular Murano glass factory , where we can admire the technique of working with glass. Free time. Do you fancy a ride on a gondola?
19.30 hrs- Transfer to the hotel in the evening (normally in the area of Mestre / Marghera).
After breakfast, end of our services.
Note: Remember that hotels check-out time is usually at 10.00 hrs. In most cases, you can leave your luggage at the hotel reception at check-out time, so you can enjoy the city and pick it up at the time you require that same day. If you need more time to use your room, please consider booking an additional night at the end of your tour.

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