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April 2024 / October 2024

Cities to visit: Edinburgh; The Kelpies; Stirling; Pitlochry; Culloden; Inverness; Fort William; Inveraray; Loch Lomond, Scotland; Glasgow; London

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This tour is part of our flexible coach touring range, guaranteed with a minimum of 2 people. Once the tour is booked, it is guaranteed so it will definitely go ahead, and will never cancel.

This tour is guided in English only. Please note if English speaking attendance numbers are low, the tour can become bilingual either accompanied by two tour leaders, one for each language, or a single tour leader providing explanations in both languages.

The tour offers flexibility, allowing you to customize it to your preferences. By clicking 'Quote or Book,' you will have the choice to select your desired start and end dates and destinations within the tour's defined parameters. Given this flexibility, it's important to note that the same people, tour guides or drivers may not be on your entire journey.

Welcome to Europamundo! Arrival in Scotland, Edinburgh and transfer to the hotel .
- Remember that hotels check-in time is usually at 14:00 hrs. If you require more hours of room availability, consider booking an additional night at the beginning of your trip.
- IF YOU REQUESTED ADDITIONAL NIGHTS upon arrival at the hotel, you would have your room booked, but your trip guide would normally contact you at the beginning of the included activities. At the reception you can also find an informative sign, indicating the telephone number and hours of assistance of our staff. YOUR TIME THEREFORE BEFORE THIS MOMENT IS FREE. The hotel staff can help you with all the information you need.
Note: The schedules that you will find in this itinerary are indicative. The guide, depending on the situation and in order to improve the development of the trip, may adjust the schedules.
We begin our route in EDINBURGH .
13.15 hrs. - Sightseeing tour with a local guide to the Scotland’s capital city and one of the most active cities in Northern Europe. Its monumental centre has been declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Its castle overlooks the city, its steep streets and its parks. During the summer the “Edinburgh Festival” is celebrated and the city comes alive with its shows. Free time after the tour. Transfer to the hotel afterwards.
With the group we will learn about the process of making Scotland´s national drink, a whiskey distillery (entrance included) , a beautiful liquor made from barley that is drunk not only in Scotland but also all over the world, constituting its largest export. The rest of the day is free to continue enjoying Edinburgh, you can stroll through its lively streets and get to know its rich historical and museum heritage.
Note: Depending on the availability of the distilleries, this visit could take place in Edimburgh or on another day at another location in Scotland.
Total distance covered: 305 km
Scenery: Lush scenery throughout this region, especially in the afternoon, when we will pass through the Cairngorms mountains.
08.00 hrs. - Edinburgh –departure. On our way we will make a stop to photograph The Kelpies ,
enormous sculptures of two horses with water heads from Scottish mythology. They represent the strength and beauty of horses, as well as their connection to water and land. We continue to another historic city near Edinburgh.
09.00hrs. - Stirling – Arrival in this city with an impressive historic center dominated by the great castle, one of the most important in Scotland as it has witnessed numerous historical events, including not only legendary battles, but also the coronation of several kings. Reservation and tickets included to the castle .
12:00 hrs. - After that we continue our route towards the north of Scotland.
13:15 hrs. - Pitlochry - picturesque city in the center of the Scottish region where the majority of whiskey is produced. We visit a traditional whiskey distillery in the area ( entrance included ). Time for lunch.
15.30 hrs - Pitlochry – departure. Continuing north, we make a stop at Culloden , where one of the main battles in Scottish history took place against the British forces with a crushing victory for the English army. The battle had consequences for Scotland as laws and policies were imposed that sought to suppress its culture and traditions.
18.45 hrs.- Inverness , arrival at the “Capital of the Highlands”, a maritime city very close to Loch Ness, where its castle stands out. We suggest enjoying a walk along the banks of the River Ness and the iconic suspension bridge.
Note: depending on the time of year and sunlight, the stop in Culloden might be organized on Monday.
Note: due to capacity limitations in traditional distilleries, sometimes we can carry out this visit in a different town/time than in previously scheduled Pitlochry.
Total distance covered: 250 km Scenery: Magnificent scenery, lakes, high mountains sometimes with snowy peaks.
Notes: We recommend having some warm clothes to hand, you may need them to enjoy the boat trip. The schedules of this day may change depending on the time assigned for crossing the Loch Ness.
08.00 hrs - Inverness –Departure-. We have a thrilling day ahead, amidst very beautiful scenery, forests, lakes, empty lands and fields in the North of Scotland.
10:30 hrs - EILEAN CASTLE, a very picturesque castle in the waters of the fiord. We will be reminded of the ghosts that fill the castles of Scotland. Tickets included.
11:30 hrs - Eilean Castle –Departure-. We can observe mountains and lakes in this route.
12:45 hrs - FORT AUGUSTUS where we will get to know the sluice system and have time to stroll and find a place for lunch.
14.00 hrs - Fort Augustus –Departure- . We go round LOCH NESS . We will see the medieval URQUHART Castle in ruins by the lake ( tickets included) .
At around 15:30 hrs we include a boat trip from Urquhart Castle in the dark waters of the lake, for around 30 minutes to Clansmann.
16.30 hrs - Inverness. Arrival in the capital of the Highlands and the only city of the region on the mouth of the river Ness.
Total distance covered: 370 km
Countryside: Once more, beautiful lake and mountain scenery, huge open spaces, isolated areas and thick forests.
07:30hrs - Inverness –Departure-. We travel back to Aviemore through isolated regions, subarctic flora and mountains. On our way, we will make a brief stop at Spean Bridge, by the monument to the commandos who trained here for the Normandy invasion in the Second World War. We photograph Ben Nevis, the highest peak in the British Isles.
10.00 hrs - Fort William –Time for a coffee in this tourist city.
10:45 hrs - Fort William –Departure-. We follow some sections of coastline, fjords by the ocean. - On our way we will pass Kilchurn Castle. A castle in ruins that projects its image over a beautiful lake.
13:30 hrs - Inveraray –Arrival-. A historic, picturesque small town by a lake with a beautiful castle (tickets not included). Time to have a stroll and for lunch.
15:30 hrs - Inveraray –Departure-. Our road takes us round part of Loch Lomond with its beautiful scenery,
17:30 hrs - Glasgow –Arrival-, free time in which we suggest a stroll around the centre of this Victorian capital.
Total distance covered: 640 km.
Scenery: Scenic hilly landscapes and fields.
Note: Depending on the number of travelers, the route from Glasgow to London may be by bus, train, or plane (without a guide). During this trip, you will be responsible for your own luggage, with a usual baggage weight limit of 20 kg.
While our main group continues to Ireland, our guide will provide you with your railway or air ticket. If traveling by bus, departure will be in the morning (around 10:00 a.m.) with an expected arrival in London (at the Europamundo tour hotel) at around 7:00 p.m., with stops along the way for rest and lunch. If traveling by train, departure will usually be mid-morning, and the trip will take around 5 hours (end of the tour upon arrival at the station). Arrival and end of the tour.
After breakfast, our journey will come to an end, leaving you with wonderful lasting memories.
Note: Please be aware that the hotel check-out time is usually 10:00 a.m. You can leave your luggage in reception upon check-out, allowing you to explore the city without carrying your bags. You can retrieve your luggage at your convenience later in the day. If you require additional time to use your room, we recommend booking an extra night at the end of your tour.

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